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African Brides

African Mail Order Brides

There are a lot of beautiful women in South Africa, which is not surprising. Due to the wide ethnic diversity, girls there do not have a single stereotypical image. Even with black, dark skin, black or blond hair, all these women have a peculiar charm. As a rule, African mail order brides take care of their beauty and always try to look their best. Although these ladies are not only physically beautiful, they are also devoted to their husbands and family. South African beauty will make every effort to make her partner happy and pleased. As for education, it is highly valued, and women are increasingly choosing a responsible and rewarding career. As a rule, these women are known for their strength of character and are determined to be the perfect wife.

How do mail order brides services work?

How to attract African mail order brides?

To attract African brides communicating through a dating site, you need to understand the mindset of African women. It is important to understand that most African cuties value the personality of a man more than his appearance. A good African mail order bride will look for a man who will be understanding, kind and will know how to treat her correctly. These characteristics are much more important for African women than anything else. At the same time, African girls prefer physically strong men. This does not mean that a foreigner needs to look good to attract an African girl. On the contrary, African women do not care about the man’s face, the type of his hair. However, it is important to have a strong body and health. Men who play sports and lead an active lifestyle are more likely to win the heart of single African women.

Real African women love foreign men who are confident. They believe that indecision and lack of motivation are negative traits of a man’s character. The reason for this is that African brides grow up in families where their father is considered a role model. Most young African mail order brides consider their parents to be real superheroes. Their mother is a support that keeps the family on the right track and takes care of everyone, while their father is an independent and strong person with mental and physical skills. To attract the attention of African women, you need to know exactly what you want in life. African beauties will not find it attractive if you cannot decide which meal to take for dinner or which film to watch on a romantic night.

A big advantage would be if a man is wealthy. Although African women are not millionaire seekers, they value men who know how to make money. African women want a man who either owns some kind of property, or has a decent job, but rather both. Anyone who is looking for an African wife should know that the women of this country are looking for a man who will provide them financially. Although she is likely to work herself and earn her own money, African women want to be treated with respect.

Where to find African brides?

In most African countries, it is difficult to find access to the Internet, but still girls find ways to use the Internet and register on African women dating site. An African girl will have to use Internet cafes to access the Internet, but for this she also needs to have a smartphone, as not everyone in African countries can have this gadget. Even if she has a smartphone, tariff plans for them are usually so expensive that they cannot afford to pay for services regularly. Therefore, a man needs to be patient, because it is possible to wait long before you can chat on Skype.

Although African dating sites exist, they cost $ 30 a month, which is probably more than what a girl earns in a whole month. In any case, free dating sites should be avoided, as there are many scammers. Fraud is not a rare occurrence on online dating sites in some African countries. This usually means that a man and a woman communicate with a foreigner via the Internet on the same laptop. The woman sits in front of the camera, and the man types on the keyboard, making sure that the conversation goes in the direction they want. In most cases, a woman does not even speak English – she is just a person who is used to attract a man. Another common form of fraud is “airfares”. After several weeks of  communication, women will ask the foreigner to buy her a ticket so that she can come to meet with him. A man sends her money, and after she gets them she disappears without a trace.

English is taught in schools all over Africa, but if a man is serious, he should take French lessons, which will help him increase his chances of getting to know an African. In many countries French is spoken here, so dating will be better spoken in French rather than English. Romantic tours here are not in great demand, so the man himself will have to plan pastime during the meeting. A man can find a small number of agencies in South Africa, but only in large cities. In addition, he will have the opportunity to use the service “pen pal”, although communication will take weeks between each message. However, single African women love the romantic gestures of the old school, so man has to have good imagination.

Reasons to choose Mail-order brides from Africa

Without a doubt, South African brides are perfect for marriage with a foreigner. Besides the fact that they are very beautiful and sociable, they have some features that are especially good for marriage.

They are family oriented

Family plays an important role in life for African women. As a rule, they are very close to their parents, and they also strive to create their own families and to do everything so that their family to be strong and happy. They are loving and devoted women, ready for everything possible so that their husband to be satisfied and happy.

African women’s family values

Thanks to their culture, the concept of family is sacred to them. Since many of them live in difficult, harsh conditions, they take great care of each other. This creates very strong connections in their community, so it’s not surprising if during a meeting your African bride knows almost everyone in the area where she lives. She also has a large family and many relatives, friends, and they are all very close. If your bride introduces you to her family, this means that she sees the future husband in you and is very interested in you. If a girl really wants this, you can not refuse, but rather as soon as possible meet with her family. Without a doubt, her family will welcome you and welcome you as one of their own family. Then you will see how great it is to be part of an African family.

They take care of their traditions

Since there are many ethnic groups in Africa, each of the girls belongs to her family and has certain traditions. In addition, it is very important for African girls to remember their customs and follow them at any age. Therefore, being in a relationship with a South African woman, you can hear many exciting stories about their origins. To conquer the heart of an African woman, one must show interest in her roots and culture and listen carefully to what she says. There is a high probability that she will fall in love with a man for whom the details of her life and culture are important.

They are dedicated

South African brides are very caring, especially towards their loved ones. They quickly get used to the desires and preferences of their husband and will do everything to make him feel happy being next to her. In addition, they will never let him down or allow anyone to mistreat him. If such a girl notices that someone is mistreating a member of her family or a loved one, she will definitely fight back and will protect her family like a lioness.

They cook very well

This applies not only to African cuisine, but also to dishes from other countries. Thanks to their worldly behavior and superb intuitive skills, African women know how to cook Asian, European and Western meals. No matter how surprising it may sound, there are some good culinary schools in Africa located in some of the most developed African countries. There you can get a chef’s degree, as well as regular education. Food is considered a vital part of the life of any inhabitant of Africa. It helps them move from one day to another and strengthen the bond between the family members.

What are African women like?

The main features of African women for marriage, in the first place, are beauty and grace. This is a special and individual beauty compared to pale European or Slavic women. African women have dark skin color, which makes them exotic, intriguing and alluring, these women are temptresses. They usually have an attractive body with amazing curves. African women deliberately wear body-hugging clothes to demonstrate this. They also love colorful, bright and stylish clothes, as befits their heritage.

The romance and ideals of love are of great importance for girls in South African people. Their cultural concepts revolve around people and relationship – they lack the desire for financial independence and the desire to build a career like Western European women. Although you should not worry, African beauties looking for a foreigner on a dating site are educated and cultured, they just don’t always strive to get a profession or a job, but prefer to create families and have children.

Why Would She Date You?

It may sound rude, but African females are very tired of the reckless, lazy, dishonest African guys who make their life miserable, and also treat them as a second-class citizen. Moreover, African men are unfaithful and all the time cheating on their African wives. Moreover, mostly marriages in Africa are not for love. Moreover, her parents almost sell their daughter to a man, who then treats her not as his beloved wife, but rather as a commodity. African women are far from stupid, and they are well aware how much better life is in Europe or America compared to one in their own country. Therefore, if an African woman gets an opportunity to meet a man from a western country, she will do everything to make him like it.

In Africa, men in the first place, in almost everything, and women can do nothing but just accept it. This is a cultural norm, but every year more and more African women want to avoid this by registering on dating sites. All this is due to the fact that the Western influence of the Internet and television and other media has shown them that such behavior is simply not considered as normal or acceptable in more developed countries. They know that in Western cultures they are treated as equal in everything in life, including marriage.

Therefore, for African women, the main goal is to find a husband who is not only serious about marriage, but also reliable in love and self-sufficient. If you can offer this to her, then you already have many chances to win her heart. Therefore, it should be remembered that Africans do not look at the appearance of a man, they are most interested in his character and ability to love. She will judge a man by his behavior and by relation to his family. A large amount of money usually does not affect their opinion, for them it also does not matter. However, there is one exception: African girls prefer physically strong men and especially healthy ones. Their cultural expectations are that the man will be able to protect them and their children from danger, if necessary. This does not mean at all that a foreigner needs to train day and night to take part in the Mr. Universe contest, although he must go to the gym for at least a few weeks before dating African girl. It should also be remembered that for her marriage is a lifelong commitment, so she expects the marriage to last a lifetime.

Each African mail order bride doesn’t like indecisive men. The reason for this is that they expect a man to make decisions that will benefit both. Moreover, the determination of men is very important at the beginning of a relationship, since African females will not risk taking the first step. It is important for them to see that a man is not afraid to act and solve problems when it is needed, because they lack this with men from their country. The women of this country expect men to be men, so foreigners need to live up to this expectation.

Cultural Differences

Africa is a continent consisting of at least 50 different countries, and several tribes live in each country. Each of them has its own cultural values, which may be completely different from the values ​​of another tribe, even if they live at short distances from each other. Therefore, for some of them, African women are prohibited from marrying men from other tribes. Another important aspect that you should know is that in Africa, as a rule, parents marry their daughters fairly young, usually by age of 22 all Africans are already married. Any African girl who is not yet married at the age of 20 will be considered “unfinished” in life. Nowadays, this does not mean that every girl in Africa should be married before the age of 22, but there it is a cultural aspect. It also means that single girls aged 20 and over will be very happy to find a man to live with him and create a family.

Another cultural tradition that you need to know about is called the “price of the bride”. This is an exchange of “wealth”, which should be paid by the future husband to the bride’s family, which he takes as his wife. Sometimes it’s just a small amount given to honor traditions. However, in many African countries the “price of the bride” can be quite significant and include cash, cattle, real estate, or even several options at once. The bride’s price is not a fixed amount, so a foreigner should discuss this nuance with her family before the wedding with his African bride. That is why it is important not to exaggerate your salary when you first meet, saying that you earn a lot. After all, then the family will expect you to pay much more money than usual for your bride. Therefore, you should not say you have a huge salary if it is not true.

It is also important to know that in some African countries and cultures it is strictly forbidden to marry foreigners, this is especially common among the Muslim population. There are some circumstances when marriage between a Muslim and a Christian can be allowed, but usually only if a Christian man agrees to convert to Islam, so that the girl’s parents allow him to marry her. However, if you are a Christian who is looking for an African bride, you should be very careful in this matter and not build high hopes, because most likely, even if the girl interested in you, her parents may agree to allow their daughter to marry you. Accordingly, before looking for African girls online, it is worth figuring out which African countries allow international marriages.

Generous, luxurious and expensive weddings are welcome here, as long as the groom can afford it. For African wife, it’s not so important how luxurious her wedding is, for her the main thing is love and care of the future husband. However, her family and relatives will be happy to have more luxurious event and boast to their neighbors and friends. In fact, a big expensive wedding is a statement to the whole world about how good the family is and also a way to show yourself from the good side. That is why so many young couples in African countries fall into a bunch of debts – showing off to their friends and relatives.


Africa is one of the few countries where international dating is still new phenomenon. Not many foreigners want to meet African women and this is their big mistake. In turn, more and more African beauties see the life of Western women and they also want to live in the same way. That is why marriage with a foreigner is very attractive to them and they strive to find their love on a dating site. There are many reasons for wanting to marry a woman from this country. South African brides are very caring, kind and faithful. They always look good and dress up to impress men, and their skin color is very attractive and sexy. South African girls are perfect brides for men who are looking for support and stability, but at the same time wanting to have fun and travel the world.