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Belarusian Brides
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Belarusian Brides

Belarus brides – clever, beautiful and polite women!

If you think that Belarus brides don`t differ from Russian, Ukrainian or Polish girls, then you are mistaken! For a long time Belarus was part of the USSR and remained under the influence of Soviet culture, but this could not erase the amazing national features of the Belarusian character. Drop stereotypes and read this article! You will understand that Belarusian brides are able to win the heart of every man and make him happy!

The main character traits of Belarus women

These are peaceful people who don`t like conflicts and prefer a calm solution to any problems. Geographically Belarus is located in the heart of Europe. Once the neighboring countries fought each other. At this time Belarus became a kind of “transit point” for people. Belarusians have always been able to achieve world peace and to be friends with people of all nationalities. It is noteworthy that even the national anthem begins with the words: “We Belarusians are peaceful people.” Brides are not hot-tempered. With such wife you will feel calm and relaxed even in difficult times.

Women are incredibly creative. Did you know that Belarusians invented the game World Of Tanks and the world-famous Viber messenger? Of course, in everyday life women are no less inventive. They can even prepare a real culinary masterpiece from a minimal amount of products and think for themselves about the design of your future home. Belarus brides have taste for sure!

How do mail order brides services work?

They are kind, polite and tolerant. Many Belarusian ladies are looking for husbands in other countries. They are really interested in learning new people, meeting new traditions and creating international families. On your first date with Belarus mail order bride you will feel as though you have already known her for many years. The girl will conquer you with her benevolent smile and sincere interest.

They are hardworking. It has long been known that Belarusians are the most industrious people in the CIS. From the childhood in the indigenous Belarusians bringing up responsibility and a serious approach to every work. You can be convinced that marriage with a Belarusian girl will give you incredibly polite and beautiful children. They will be ready to make a lot of effort to any task to constantly learn something new. You will not see spoiled lazy children, like in some other countries.

Just look at the Belarusian cities to understand that European cleanliness and grooming reign here! Developed infrastructure is not a reason.It is because Belarusians love cleanliness. For example residents of apartment buildings consider that it is their duty to improve the territory near the house. They plant beautiful plants here, cleaning themselves in the stairwell and around the houses.

Attitude of Belarusian girls to work and family

Women from Belarus give birth to their first child at the age of 27. This is the age of a conscious lady who already has an education and enough experience to create a happy family. The average age when girls become wives is 24 years. Statistics show that more than 70% of women marry for love. Attractive figures, agree? If you are looking for a girl who will love you sincerely with all heart, and will not look at the thickness of your wallet, then the Belarus wife will be an excellent choice. Belarusian women want to have two children, so  happy and strong family with such a single girl will be provided for you!

These women easily find a vocation even in the male professions. For example, about 25% of businesses in the country are headed by women. This may be industrial production, construction, innovative technologies and so on. In the structures of the UN Office in Belarus 67 women out of 129 people are employed. And in May 2010 the first women colonels appeared. Among working women, 55% have a higher education, and 13,339 women work at universities. As you can see, the girls here are really workable. But this in no way affects their family.

For every lady from Belarus her family and relationship are main things in life. She is able to occupy a leadership position in job, care for children and give enough attention to her husband. If you can provide a girl with a strong rear, then she will willingly become a housekeeper. This issue will definitely be resolved in your family without conflict, as the belarus wives are always ready to compromise with their loved one.

The beauty of girls – the main advantage of Belarus

Have you heard the saying: “A dream is a salary in America, a wife from Belarus, and a house in the UK”?  Brides in Belarus are tall, slender beauties with snow-white skin and long legs. The appearance of Belarusians combines:

  • Big expressive eyes;
  • high set nose;
  • blonde hair;
  • pointy chin;
  • outstanding cheekbones.

It is very difficult to identify the main features of the attractiveness of girls, because there are so many of them. Together with the beauty of the girl’s face they have a luxurious figure. Little girls have been practicing gymnastics, dancing and ballet since their youth. Love for sport doesn`t leave Belarusian women even at an old age. They are willing to attend gyms, spend their weekends actively.

Belarus women for marriage know a lot about fashion and make-up. They skillfully emphasize their individuality, but they don`t look vulgar. These elegant beauties attract men from all parts of the world. Their appearance and docile nature have long been considered the hallmark of the country.

If you are ready to find a Belarus bride for yourself and understand that she will be your best companion in life, then our Belarus marriage agency will help you. Belarus mail order brides offers you to consider hundreds of profiles of girls. Among them you will surely find your love. You will be able to create a strong family, become a dad of wonderful children and just a happy person!