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Chinese Brides

Finding a Bride in China Online: a Detailed Guide and Useful Tips

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to marry people from other cultures. Nobody is surprised when a man from the UK has a relationship with a girl from the Philippines or India. Over recent years, a general trend has appeared: more and more men from western countries (the US, the UK, Western Europe, and Canada) are looking for Chinese girls for marriage. Thanks to the Internet, today, this is as easy as never before. Numerous dating sites offer their assistance in finding a Chinese mail order bride. Many hot Chinese girls, in their turn, are longing for finding a husband from Europe and America, so the share of happy outcomes in this sector is very high.

Dating a Chinese Woman: What to Begin with

You don’t need much time or money to make your first step to the fantastic world of dating beautiful Chinese girls. Essentially, all you need to do is choose a reliable online platform specializing in the Asian region and create an account on the site. Many dating sites offer a free trial period, so you may use it for free to decide whether you feel comfortable with the interface and the features. Once you’ve chosen the site, you need to verify the account and pay a small fee for the access to the database.

When it comes to online dating, the main thing you need to understand is that Chinese brides are very different from European and American girls. China is a very special country with numerous customs and traditions, which can seem weird to us. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn some facts about this country in advance. Read the stories and reviews of real people who visited China; ask questions on the forums dedicated to China or watch Chinese movies to understand their culture deeper.

How do mail order brides services work?

What is the Chinese Brides’ Appearance? Are They Beautiful?

If you are looking for a Chinese wife you must have an idea of how typical Asian women look. It’s a mistake to think all of them are as like as two peas. The truth is that each girl is unique; moreover, women living in one province are completely different from those living in another province. And still, there are some common features that make hot Chinese women so attractive.

A typical Chinese woman is small and slender. Their height rarely exceeds 160 cm, thanks to which they look younger than they really are. Also, you’ll hardly find many overweight or fat women there – most of them are slim. This is one of the national traits. Your petit Chinese wife will always look like a teenager!

The majority of Chinese girls are natural brunettes with straight dark hair, dark almond-shaped eyes, and ivory skin. They care of their skin almost as thoroughly as the Koreans, bringing it to perfection. Gorgeous thick hair and silky, naturally white skin attract men from all around the globe. Of course, women from China use cosmetics, but the focus is made on face care products rather than makeup. The beauty of these women is in their natural look.

What Should I know about the Character of Chinese Brides and Their Values?

There are some common stereotypes about any nation, and China is no exception. Thus, Chinese girls are traditionally believed to be shy, obedient, and hard-working. These personal traits used to be cultivated in a conventional society. This approach still preserves in many remote towns and especially villages of China. In a traditional Chinese family, the wife takes a “back seat” to her husband.

That being said, in large cities, the situation is different. In Beijing, for example, most women are emancipated. They look and behave like modern western ladies. Many of them get a higher education and make a successful carrier. It’s not uncommon for a modern young woman from China to run a business or work in a major corporation. Ironically, these women stay single in their country more often than others. There are two main reasons for it.

The first reason is the stamp of mind of Chinese men. They still don’t see women as equal partners. According to their secular traditions, a wife plays the second fiddle in the family relations. No surprise they avoid strong independent women, especially those with a good income. The second reason is the age. It is believed in China that a woman must get married until the age of 27. If a woman is single after the age of 27, she automatically gets the status of “unwanted”, and her chances for finding a husband decrease at an exponential rate. Meanwhile, women who build a career or get a higher education often have to time for the relationship. As a result, many successful, beautiful, and young women stay alone.

Things to Consider When Dating a Girl from China

There are certain rules and taboos one needs to consider when dating Chinese mail order brides. Some of these rules can be applied to women from any foreign country; others are more typical for the Chinese. If you don’t want to offend your potential bride or make her feel uncomfortable, follow the following basic rules.

  1. Never speak depreciatingly of the members of her family, especially of her parents and grandparents. Chinese people feel high esteem to the senior members of the family, and girls imbibe this pattern with mother milk. At the same time, don’t ask a girl to introduce you to her family, unless you have really serious intentions. If you are just at the initial stage of your relationship you may politely inquire after her parents’ health, no more. Always keep in mind that respect to the mother and the father are among the main family values for Chinese people, and this is no joking matter at all.
  2. Try not to touch upon any moot points, such as politics. After all, your purpose is to find a wife, not a political counterpart. The same is about other controversial issues: racism, sexual orientation, LGBT movement, pressing social and economic issues, etc. Keep in mind that the views of a woman from another culture can be opposite to yours, and you may need time to get on. Experts recommend to start communication with neutral topics, such as hobbies, likes and dislikes, interesting facts about your country or city, and so on. Once you get to know each other better, you will gradually switch to these touchy issues.
  3. Don’t talk down to a Chinese lady looking for a husband abroad and don’t empathize your leading role in the relationship. Though many Chinese girls are brought up in the spirit of traditional family values, such as modesty and obedience, not all of them feel happy about it. On the contrary, modern Asian ladies tend to struggle for their rights; they don’t want to play the second fiddle anymore. In fact, a girl from China can become a great wife – loving, tolerant, and forgiving. But she doesn’t claim it, as she wants to make an impression of a strong independent woman. So let her do it. Show her that you respect her and accept all her strengths and weaknesses.

If you feel uncertain about your own manners, orient towards generally accepted norms. Be reasonably polite and reserved when you start the conversation and then rely on your intuition and experience. Avoid controversial topics and jokes, which can sound offensive.

Where and How Can I Find a Bride from China

If your dream is to find a Chinese wife you can go to China and try to enter into relations with somebody. Well, we hope you understand that it is a joke. Chances are, you don’t want to cross half the globe and get lost in the streets of Beijing. Of course, there is a simpler and more civilized method of Chinese women dating – by using mail order bride services. Looking for a perfect match online requires minimum time and efforts; you even don’t need to leave your home to start searching.

You, probably, know how dating websites work. Mail order bride sites are slightly different. Their main purpose is to help you achieve the result, which you are satisfied with, as they charge a fee for this result. In other words, if you achieved your goal – you pay money. That is why mail order bride sites are interested in your success and do everything to facilitate your searching.

The mechanism of working of a mail order bride site is the following:

  • After creating an account on the site you need to complete verification in order to confirm you are a real person. The mechanism of verification varies from one site to another. Without verification, your possibilities on the site are cropped.
  • You need to pay a small membership fee to access the girls’ profiles. The fee is quite reasonable ($10-$50); it serves an additional confirmation of your seriousness and a sort of an insurance.
  • Once you’ve verified the account and paid for the membership, you can look through the brides’ profiles and start communication with the girls you like. The site, in turns, provides you with safe modern communication tools, such as a chat for instant messaging and a built-in tool for voice and video calls.
  • In the course of your communication, you can take advantage of the extra services offered by matchmaking agencies. These can include a gift or flowers delivery, translator’s assistance, and some others. These services are optional; you can buy them or not, at your own wish.
  • If you found your soulmate, you pay to the agency for the final result. The fee varies from one platform to another and depends on several variables. The agency can also offer you its assistance in arranging your first real meeting. The assistance commonly includes getting a visa, buying tickets, and booking a hotel. At this stage, the scope of activity of the mail order bride site ends; the further actions are your responsibility.

The probability of finding a match depends on how extensive the database of the agency is and on the professionalism of its specialists. Some later in our guide, we’ll try to single out the criteria of a good mail order bride website and bring some real examples.

The Expectations of Chinese Brides: Are You the Type of Man They are Looking for?

To estimate your chances for success in dating China-born girls, you need to understand why Chinese women look for life partners abroad and what they expect from their potential bridegrooms.

Essentially, a Chinese mail order bride is a usual woman with her own expectations, fears, strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, this is a woman who for some reason can’t or doesn’t want to find a marital partner in her home country. There are several reasons for this; we’ll enlist just the most popular ones.

  • She wants a large family with several children. As you know, the problem of overpopulation in the cities of China forced the government to take some unpopular measures in the sphere of demographic policy. The motto “one family – one child” is not just words; this is a really existing rule. Having more than one child in the family is not approved by the society and by the government; in some regions, families with many children have to pay fines. Meanwhile, in most western countries, the situation is quite the opposite. Families with several children get governmental support and various privileges. This is the primary reason why hot Chinese girls want to become the citizens of other states.
  • She is 27+. This is another major problem that we have already mentioned. A single woman at the age of 27 in China gets an unofficial status of “unwanted.” Though this is just a survival of times past, many people still take it seriously. Marrying a woman older than 27 is considered bad style.
  • She wants to change her place of residence. Frankly speaking, modern China is not the best place to live in. Severe overpopulation problems, poor ecology, noisy and dirty cities, a controversial political situation – these are just few reasons for leaving this country.

Are you the type of man Chinese brides are looking for? To answer this question think what you can offer to your future wife and whether this complies with her requirements. If we try to draw an aggregate portrait of a man, who is a perfect match for a typical Chinese bride, we’ll get the following picture: this is a single middle-aged man from the USA, Canada or Western Europe with an average or higher than average income. As for the personal traits, most girls look for a kind, well-mannered guy, who will treat her and her parents with a due respect. If you fall under this description, then your chances for success are reasonably high.

Are Chinese Mail Order Bride Sites Different? How to Choose the Best One?

Nowadays, there are a lot of dating sites where one can meet Chinese women. The question is whether all of them are equal? Of course, no. Along with reputable international dating services, one can come across scam sites that steal personal data and sell fake profiles as the genuine one. How not to make a mistake when choosing a mail order bride platform?

Don’t be lazy to do some research before signing up a certain dating service. Read some user reviews and stories. Visit several sites without registration and compare your impressions. You can even sign up and use the service for free – some websites provide a so-called trial period. Though your capabilities will be cropped before you verify the account, you can estimate the interface, usability, and features.

It is necessary to consider that various mail order bride sites specialize in various regions. Asia is a vast and very special region with its unique history and culture. Finding Chinese brides is not so easy for several reasons: the complexity of the Chinese language, the overall isolation of the country from the rest of the world, and its population heterogeneity. That is why it is highly recommended to choose the dating sites that specialize in China and the entire Asian region.

The best Chinese mail order bride services are the ones that offer the largest databases of brides. Commonly, these are the sites with a vast experience in this field. Another important criterion is a regular updating of the database. With several hundred of new registration per day, the chances of finding your best half increase significantly.

For those who have neither time nor desire to read reviews and do a research, we’ve compiled a ranking of top reliable and trusted Chinese mail order bride websites. All of them have been around for several years already, and all of them work honestly. It’s important that all the sites from our top-list are safe to use, as they reliably protect their users’ personal data with advanced multi-layered encryption. Finally, these agencies offer impressive, regularly updated databases of real girls and women from China. If you want to find your dream woman from this country with minimum hassle, consider signing up one of these sites.

How Much Does It Cost to Marry a Chinese Girl?

This question can sound a sort of weird for Europeans or Americans. We are used to the thought that love doesn’t have a monetary value. But it is not that simple when it comes to China. In this country, there is an ancient tradition of paying a ransom for the bride, which is also known as “bride purchasing.” In simple terms, this is a gift to the girl’s parents. The “prices” can vary, but an average fee for getting the parental blessing is around $30 000. Though not all the families follow this tradition nowadays, it still exists.

Well, let’s put aside the details of marriage – after all, you can discuss them directly with your potential bride. First of all, you need to know how much it will cost you to find the bride. It depends on what particular services you are going to order and how long you are going to use them. Approximate prices are as follows.

  • The membership fee – $10 through $100. Some agencies charge this fee only once; others – on a monthly basis. At this cost, you get an unlimited access to the girls’ profiles and basic tools for communication.
  • Translator services – $5 per one minute of conversation or one written message.
  • Gift/flowers delivery – around $30.
  • A romantic tour to China – $3000 through $7000 depending on the duration and the program included.
  • The flight to China and back – around $900-$1000 per flight.
  • A hotel in China – around $100 per day.

Keep in mind that the prices vary significantly in various agencies. But be ready to spend at least $10 000 on finding and meeting a Chinese bride. This price doesn’t include the cost of the wedding itself.

Is it a high price for happiness? It’s for you to decide. But if your goal is to marry a woman living a thousand miles away from you, then you must be ready to invest in your idea anyway. A dating agency just helps you find the candidates faster and renders assistance in arranging your meeting.

The Final Thoughts

China is a mysterious country, which is different from the rest of the world in many ways. Chinese women attract western men with their natural beauty, modesty, and hard-working nature. They are good and faithful wives who love and respect their husbands.

The simplest and fastest way to find a hot Chinese bride is by using a mail order bride website. Sign up one of the trusted platforms and discover thousands of profiles of real girls looking for marriage partners abroad. Choose the girl you like best and start communicating with her immediately. It may turn out that your happiness is closer than you think.