Colombian Brides

Colombian Women Prefer To Date Foreigners


Among those who have never encountered the realities of dating men from Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, there is a perception that these are only some special women who marry foreigners. In fact, unmarked Colombian girls and ladies marry foreign grooms. The only quality common to them is perseverance. Colombian women are able to do what is necessary when necessary.

If meeting and marriage with a guy at home is a matter of chance, then marriage with a foreign citizen is usually a project. The project has in mind an event that has a certain number of steps, each of which is required to complete successfully. For example, how to build a house: first they dig a foundation pit, lay the foundation, then build a building floor by floor.

But even before the start of construction work, a lot of work was done: a plot was found and purchased, plans were drawn up, administration approval was obtained, money was raised, workers were hired, and so on. This is a multi-stage process, the success of which depends on the positive completion of each stage.

If nothing is required for dating at home — then, for a potential marriage with a foreign citizen, you must first register on the website of the international agency or go for a while to live in another country.

For communication is important knowledge of the language. You need to arrange a personal meeting if you met online. And so on - step by step, each stage should be successfully completed.

That is why all hot Colombian women who were able to marry a foreigner have good organizational skills and discipline (that is, the ability to do what is required when necessary). They may not be the most intelligent, not the most beautiful, not the best in character - they may even speak a bad foreign language. But one quality for those who successfully married a foreign gentleman, is typical - they understand that it is necessary to put into practice and that it is not worth fighting with what is necessary, but it is necessary to simply perform this action. Call it perseverance or self-discipline, in fact, the result is the same: do what you need to do, when you need to do it, that's all.


Colombian Wives: Pros And Cons

Pros of getting Colombian brides:

  • Colombian women use a lot of cosmetics. Colombian ladies are champions in terms of how much cosmetics they use to improve their appearance. Starting from their youth, they use large quantities of tonics, creams, lotions, with the help of which they take care of their skin and body. Every Colombian girl has a huge range of cosmetic accessories on her desk. However, most of these cosmetics are not made in Columbia;

  • Colombian brides have beautiful skin. White hot celebrity women would give a lot to have this dark tanned skin that is typical of beautiful Colombian women. They are not afraid of sunlight, and their skin tans, even without sunscreen. The skin of Colombian brides is so healthy that they rarely get wrinkles until old age. The density and oiliness of their skin gives it elasticity and always looks fresh;

  • Colombian brides have rich hairstyles. Colombian brides are endowed with nature with luxurious curly hair, which practically do not need tools for care and styling. It is curious that, like many Latin women, Colombian  women for some reason often painted in blondes, which they secretly envy. Their envy and vanity often make them turn to a hairdresser to make their hair straight and often light with various chemicals. But they do not care about their hairstyles and are satisfied with the mess they have on their heads. They love everything that looks luxurious. Colombian women love to wear gold and silver jewelry from early adolescence. If they cannot afford it, they simply put on big bracelets that are made from cheap materials, but will definitely attract the attention of men;

  • Colombian women love carnivals and dancing. Colombia is a constantly dancing country. Like Cuban women, Colombians also love to dance. Most people have an idea of ​​Brazil through a dance called samba, which is both a dance and a musical style. There are samba schools in the country, and any Colombian bride knows how to dance samba from childhood. There are also popular dances of Karimba and Lambada, which inherited most of the movements and style from samba. When Colombian women dance lambada, they do it very sensually and provocatively, swinging their hips and handkerchiefs or their green skirt while dancing. They also like to dance topless;

  • The cult of beauty. A curious fact about the Colombian culture of compliments is that women say nice things to each other as often as men say. Colombian women constantly praise each other. Of course, appearance for them is all. The Colombians would not hesitate to have a plastic surgery operation, even if it could cost her a fortune. Not only female celebrities from Colombia, but any woman looks as if she just came from a beauty salon. Their skin looks like it is oiled, and their makeup looks screaming. Colombian women love to use bright colors in their clothes and make-up;

  • Colombian women get pregnant early. This applies mainly to Colombian working-class women from poor provinces, but not well-to-do. About 20 percent of Colombian women become pregnant before the age of 20, and often bear all the responsibilities of feeding and raising their children alone. Yes, some fathers easily leave their families. One of the factors explaining early parenthood is that abortion is strictly prohibited by Colombian rules, even under the current socialist government. On the other hand, they appreciate when a man is able to love a woman and devotes his time to creating a healthy family. Colombian women take marriage very seriously and are ready to devote their whole life to the chosen one;

  • Colombian chicks - Goddess of love. Physical love comes as something natural for Colombians, because they do not interfere with their desires from early adolescence. A huge factor in such an open approach to all types of lovemaking is the culture of the naked body. Being in the sun throughout the year, sunbathing on the beaches, dancing topless at the carnival - all this formed a natural and impartial approach to love. Even when they are busy studying or working, Colombian women will always find time to plunge into sensual sexual passion with their partners.


Cons of getting Colombian brides:

  • Smoking - almost 70% of modern Colombian women smoke on a par with men;

  • Colombian women are eager to insert silicone implants. Do not be surprised if your Colombian bride will have a silicone butt;

  • Silicone lips - a panacea for women from Colombia. Virtually every second woman in this country is pumping her lips;

  • Love for tattoos and piercings. Colombian women are very fond of making taverns and porsing, especially in intimate terms;

  • Excessive alcohol intake. Every Colombian woman is not against a glass of something strong another in the evening;

  • Foul language. Often one can hear such expressions from a Colombian woman, and at the same time she is not at all embarrassed to express herself in this manner with children and her husband.


You Are Dreaming Of Colombian Brides? Be Prepared For…


There is no pressure on Colombian women about marriage: here the lifestyle of a person depends on education, family and income. The country values ​​knowledge and professional skills of women and men. There are a lot of unmarried girls, especially up to thirty years old: they study, they make a career and no one condemns them for it. Early marriages and the reluctance to get an education are characteristic of less wealthy areas, but if a girl from a poor family can learn and be personal, she will only be proud of it - it does not matter whether she is married or not. Nevertheless, in Colombia, the family culture is very strong, and by the age of thirty people start thinking about marriage.

Colombian society is free and democratic, here the culture was formed under the influence of Europe. The older generation still had the traditional family lifestyle, women gave birth to many children and, accordingly, became housewives. Now it is rather an exception, especially in a large city: they will not expect from a woman that, in addition to work, she should constantly prepare and clean up after all.

The most ambiguous situation, probably, only with abortions, as in many Latin American countries. Here they are allowed in cases of rape, and the woman must also prove that everything happened against her wishes. Artificial termination of pregnancy is also possible if during pregnancy there is a threat to the physical or mental health of the mother or fetus. Of course, Colombia has a high level of illegal abortion. This is due to the fact that the church still has great authority, despite the fact that the country, according to the constitution, is secular. But, considering that until 2006, termination of pregnancy was generally completely prohibited, there is progress.

Latin Americans are very open people, they easily start talking on the street with strangers and give compliments, but it seems to me that there is no negative connotation here - just the Colombians are very sociable and dating in Colombia is really very bright.


Colombian Women Dating: Get Ready To Take Sedatives


The first word that comes to mind to describe a Colombian woman is unpredictability. And to the question: “What can we expect from a woman from Colombia?”, With confidence, only one answer is possible - anything. This unpredictability stems from the impulsiveness of her character. As a rule, the psycho type of a Colombian woman is almost pure choleric, with a small admixture of sanguine person. She is always mysterious for others, and even for herself. Sometimes it creates the feeling that she herself does not know what she wants, but this feeling is erroneous. Rather, difficulties arise for her precisely in order to formulate for herself and others her own aspirations, hopes and desires. It is for this reason that a light fleur of mysteriousness always hovers around a Colombian woman. Which, however, she gladly supports, realizing that he attracts to her many interesting men from those who are not afraid of the new and the unknown.

Colombian mail order bride, as a rule, beautiful and well-groomed. She pays a lot of attention to her own appearance, and certainly does not apply to those women who can, as if nothing had happened, pass by the mirror, without stopping and without pretending, looking at her Majesty with satisfaction. On the dressing table of a Colombian woman is always a great variety of all kinds of cosmetics, which she selects carefully and diligently, with skill, not allowing the use of cheap substitutes.

The psychology of the Colombian bride makes her sometimes quite a difficult partner during conversation and comrade. Many are afraid of her, for the simple reason that she was not used to keeping her mouth shut and holding back when she has something to say. Hacking the truth-womb from the shoulder, it's just in her style.

A Colombian lady tends to stick her nose everywhere. She experiences physical discomfort if there are any events around her in which she cannot take part for some kind of universal injustice. In any business, she feels quite confident, although she does not necessarily strive to take exactly the leading role, it will be quite enough for her if her opinion is taken into account. It is not surprising that with all this, the mail order bride from Colombia loves the lively lifestyle so much. All kinds of sports, be it tennis, go-karting, snowboarding, mountaineering - everything she likes, if there is movement and excitement. So do not offer chess, the psychology of the Colombian bride sharpened a little differently.

Demonstrating one's own strength and authority is commonplace for a Colombian wife. She does it with pleasure, not as an act of aggression or protection, which happens to many women, but simply because she loves to see submission to her own will. This is often manifested in the look during Colombian dating.

This is reflected in the erotic side of her character. In sexual relationship, she also dominates a man to one degree or another. She likes positions in which a woman is on top, and as experiments she easily accepts various productions with domination and even light BDSM. At the same time, she always loudly declares her own feelings, and during sex she can scream loudly, without being ashamed of her neighbors, to claw and bite, leaving numerous traces of her own passion on her chosen one. First of all, Colombian brides tend to think about their own interests in an intimate life, and let a man think about his own. A good man for her is the one who knows how to satisfy her appetite first of all when she wants it. Sometimes at the most unexpected moment.


Colombian Mail Order Brides: Final Thoughts


If you are alone and cannot meet the woman of your dreams in your own country, you can risk the image and buy yourself a bride. In the era of the Internet, you can easily meet and marry a woman living on the other side of the earth. There are hundreds of sites where women from third world countries are registered, seeking to marry a man from the West. Some countries from the point of view of European grooms are the most attractive for finding brides.

The ranking of Colombian women in the marriage industry is growing rapidly. In the 1980s, drug trafficking and communism made this country not very attractive for western suitors, but now the situation has changed completely. Colombia tops the list of countries in South America, because senoritas have a special reputation for beauties with sports figures of professional dancers. In addition, many Colombian men died in wars or went to jail, so the fight for a man in Colombia is very bitter. Also Colombian brides are not confused the difference in age between the spouses, and it will be easy for the elderly groom to find a beautiful young wife. They are also always are ready for immigration.

By the way, the wonderful Colombian women do not value their fellow tribesmen much. They do not bother with fidelity, so that in combination with Catholic restrictions on contraception and abortion in Colombia, the number of young single mothers seeking financial security is growing. If your wife and child do not bother you, then you can safely look for a bride in Colombia. An obstacle can be the language barrier and the fact that Colombia is quite far from Europe.

Do you really want to meet Colombian singles? You should apply for international  dating services. Registering a profile on every dating site with Colombian brides promises marital happiness. Getting to know foreign girls via the Internet is fun and easy. However, remember that virtual communication is associated with certain risks. For example, a hot beauty with a photo may turn out to be an unpleasant fat girl with glasses. Or the interlocutor after a long correspondence suddenly does not come to the long-awaited meeting in real life. And these are flowers. For trustworthy intentions may be hiding a fraudster or a crook. Does this mean that dating from the Internet should be abandoned? Not. You just need to prepare. In order to maximally protect oneself from intruders, it is enough to follow a few rules:

  • analyze how many profiles contains the resource and how actively new ones appear. However, a surplus of users is not always good. The profile can be lost among millions of others;

  • never disclose any financial or personal information (passport or credit card information);

  • be careful with various links - they can be malicious, even if they were sent by your counterpart (besides, nobody is insured against hacking the page);

  • arrange a first date with an online acquaintance in a public place, tell loved ones where you are going, and keep the phone at hand;

  • do not hesitate to report your suspicions to the technical support service or the site administration (if you receive spam or abusive messages).


So, now you are armed with safety tips, and you can proceed to the choice of a service for dating.