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Estonian Brides

The portrait of the Estonian bride – hardworking, educated and beautiful girl!

Estonia is small but very hardworking nation. Due to its mentality, Estonia overtakes many countries in serious ratings. As they say, you go quieter – you will continue. Here live gifted, intelligent and very beautiful girls who dream of sincere love and understanding in families. They do not choose men for salary, because they earn good money for themselves. They are not pretentious, not mercantile and not evil. If you can not find your love in your hometown, perhaps the Estonia mail order bride will be the best choice for you.

Estonia is an incredible country with the cleanest air in the world: Finland and Iceland are also in this list. More than half of the area is covered with forests, because Estonia is considered the greenest state in the world. Natural reserves occupy one fifth part of the entire territory. This place is wonderful for living. People here feel great and rarely get sick.

How do mail order brides services work?

The beauty of Estonian brides

Estonia is a real record holder in the number of top models. For one million people there are about 75 models. Hot Estonian girls have gorgeous looks, beautiful figures and tall stature. The average height of women is 169 centimeters.

If you walk along the streets of a small city, it will seem as every girl is a supermodel. They have a graceful marching and incredible femininity. Their smile is fascinating. And if you talk beautiful Estonian women, then their intelligence and politeness will conquer you.

Love for sport is in the blood of hot Estonian girls. On the street you can see a lot of runners. There are also sports clubs, swimming pools and sports fields everywhere. And in the warm season, many interesting sporting events take place on the street.

Estonian brides are very friendly. Of course, Estonian babes on the first date can be very reserved. But they will be happy to answer any of your questions, be polite and smiling. Over time, their modesty will dissolve in new feelings, so you will understand that the chosen girl can be a great companion in life.

The mentality of the Estonian girls

  1. At first they seem to be silent and surly. This is due to psychological restraint. But when you become closer with girlfriend, then she will open her heart to you. There is still a little secret. If before your trip you will learn at least a few standard phrases in the Estonian language, the locals will treat you with great respect.
  2. They are the adherents of the economy, as manifested in the simple expression of emotions. They use a minimum of gestures. If you are tired of emotional and waving hands women in the country, the estonian women marriage is the best idea.
  3. They are very honest. They are characterized by fair dealing in all situations: in family life and at work. For example, here forgery of a document never even come to people mind.
  4. They have a well developed sense of humor. Estonian girls, like men, are able to joke on any topic. You will not bored.
  5. They love the purity around them. The neatness of the houses, yards and gardens affects foreigners.
  6. They are thrifty and economical. They don’t like to spend money on unnecessary things. You’ll be amazed at how many various jars with homemade jam, pickles and other supplies can make your pretty girl with her hands.

Difficulty you may encounter when dating estonian women

Estonian is considered quite difficult language. According to some reports, it is on the fifth place in difficult languages from whole world. But if for the sake of love you are ready to learn it, then its musicality and magic in pronunciation will surprise you. Estonian is spoken by about 1.1 million people in the world. There are many amazing words here: for example, jäääär – the edge of the ice.

But the language barrier does not stop people in search of happiness. According to statistics, estonian mail order brides are very popular among men from different parts of the world. You can create strong relationship with estonian girl. At first you can communicate with each other using an online translator. Under certain efforts with time you can accurately understand each other without helpers.

Most Estonian brides understand English well. Even if you do not want to learn Estonian, you can talk to a girl on a date on any topic.

Family with Estonian woman

Estonian girls are usually kept and not too emotional. This suggests that in family life you don’t expect the scandals and loud cries. Girls used to talk directly, openly and at the same time tactfully. Conflict situations are resolved peacefully. Women teach children to be mannered.

If you like to eat tasty food, then the marriage will be prosperous. Estonian women are good at cooking. First they will surprise you with traditional dishes of their country. It is a fish in tomato sauce, soft pasta, sandwiches with anchovies, boiled or baked pork, stuffed eggs, pate, liver and more. Then your future wife will easily cook dishes of Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and other cuisines. Estonian women know how to cook well and they are constantly developing their skills. But most importantly – the inhabitants of the country are obsessed with the environment. They eat only organic and natural products. They do not prefer chemicals so your family members, including young children, are accustomed to healthy food.

On weekends and public holidays your future wife can easily choose an interesting vacation for the whole family. You can be sure that your life will be bright and cheerful, despite the seriousness of the nature of the woman. As the country is very picturesque and beautiful, you can always enjoy the nature. And if you are interested in the cultural life of the country, here you will see a huge number of events and festivals.

Trust the facts!

If you are interested to read not only simple description of women and you prefer concrete facts, we are ready to provide it.

  • Employment of estonian women in the last decade has been higher than in Europe. Most often estonian ladies working in the manufacturing, healthcare, services and education.
  • On average estonian women devote to the household and family for 6 hours a day.
  • In University studies, about 60% of Estonian brides. According to these, we can say that women in the country are more educated than men.
  • They begin an independent life earlier than in Europe, approximately at 23 years old.
  • Estonian women give birth to the the first child about at 26 years. Girls dream about 1 or 2 children.
  • The average weight is 69 kg in 44 years old. We can conclude that even women in an advanced age look great.
  • According to the results of educational research PISA, Estonian students ranked first place in Europe and third place in the world (after Singapore and Japan). Over the last several years, Estonia managed to overtake even Finland, a longtime leader in the field of school education. In this country has 100% literacy, so you can create a family and raise children here.

Some conclusions about Estonian brides

These are pretty girls who are looking for honest and strong men near them. They stand out noticeably from other women from different countries. They are beautiful, athletic and smiling, but at the same time they are not mercantile, not scandalous and not stupid. They know how to create coziness in the family and make loved ones happy. They create a quiet paradise in their home, where you will want to return from work as quickly as possible.

If this is exactly how you imagine your ideal wife, then welcome website of agency estonian mail order brides agency. Using the search, you will see many questionnaires of real Estonian brides who dream of meeting a foreign man. This service has already connected the hearts of millions of people from all over the world. You definitely will not be an exception!