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Filipino Brides

Little Things You Should Know About Philippines 

  • The Philippines is an island nation in Southeast Asia, which includes more than 7,000 islands, located between Indonesia and Taiwan;
  • The population of the country is 102.9 million people;
  • Religious composition: 80.9% Catholics, 11.6 Protestants, 5% Muslims.
  • Official languages: English and Filipino, about 90% of Filipinos are fluent in English;
  • There are a lot of beauty, dance, and song contests. Filipinos are especially obsessed with beauty contests. Any city has its own beauty queen. The most beautiful and talented mail order bride from the Philippines is concentrated on the competition. There are a lot of attractive girls to choose from. However, you should keep in mind that only ambitious girls participate in contests, so they can easily refuse you if they feel like you aren’t worth it;
  • The Philippine Islands are an ideal place to live in general, and even more so for retirement. Great weather, sea, lots of interesting places and activities (diving, surfing) are here all year long. For a pensioner from Europe or America, Philippine housing, food and entertainment prices are just perfect;
  • Real estate in the Philippines is several times cheaper than in Europe or the United States. A beautiful house with a sea view and a plot of land near that sea can be purchased for a couple of million pesos (approximately $ 47- $ 48 thousand). Many foreigners buy land in the Philippines, and then build their dream home there (after selling the home of their “old dream” in Europe or the United States);
  • The Philippines is a Catholic country and prostitution is officially banned here;
  • In the Philippines, the sexual exploitation of minors is severely punished. Formally, the “age of consent” is only 12 years old, but the law declares a criminal relationship with boys or girls under 18 years of age, if an adult partner offers money, gifts or other reward in exchange for sex.

How do mail order brides services work?

What is so Great About Filipina Brides? 

  • Exotic beauty. Phillipines mail order brides are really attractive. They have a tiny body, but at the same time long legs, which drive all of the men crazy. They have a long black hair, a tiny nose, and a shining smile. You can see it all yourself just by running through the profiles on several dating sites. They also regularly participate in all kinds of beauty contests and are often the winners, which speaks for itself. Another thing that is impossible not to note is the amount of natural beauty. Filipina Brides are beautiful thanks to mother nature. Unlike some of the Western girls, they don’t rely on plastic surgeries or a bunch of makeup to look good. They really know how to look after their skin and manage to look good even at older age;
  • Fluent English. Lack of communication and understanding is often the biggest problem in relationships and a reason for divorces. Even a bigger problem if both of you don’t speak the same language. However, there is nothing to worry about with beautiful Filipina brides, because most of them have English mastered. This differs them from a lot of other Asian women. English is their second language, so it will be a lot easier to get to know each other;
  • Family-oriented. Filipino girls are very serious about the relationship. If they start dating you, you should understand that they have bigger plans for you, such as marriage and kids. They don’t just start dating someone who is just looking to have some fun and get her into the bed. They are also ready to sacrifice multiple things just to keep their family happy. All of this is really great, and thanks to that there are almost zero divorces in Philippines. Every girl has something to learn from Filipina women;
  • Honesty. Most of the Filipina wives are very honest. They will always tell you the truth, and you can be sure that they aren’t just dating you for money or any reason that can benefit them. Their feelings are very sincere;
  • Loyalty. Philipines mail order brides are very loyal to their husbands. They are always ready to give their man some support after a hard day at work, or a useful advice if the situation requires it. Another great thing is that they are ready to overcome any difficulties. No matter how hard of a period you are experiencing and even if you have problems with money, they will stick with you and do everything to help you;
  • Calmness. Despite being very emotional, Filipina brides know how to be calm and dislike any types of quarrels. This is actually very cool, because you can always have a sit and have a quiet talk with her about any problems that may occur in your relationships.

Why do Foreigners Dream About Marrying a Filipina Bride? 

Many men in adulthood come here just to find a girlfriend to create a family. As a rule, they find themselves young Philipino girls, even if the girls doesn’t have an ideal figure, from some small village, without education, and begin to educate her for themselves. They pay for her education, help support her parents and next of kin. This is accepted and is considered quite normal in Philippines. And in return they receive sincere respect and care to a great old age.

There are also foreigners with more serious ambitions who are looking for young attractive girls, and even, perhaps, already with a higher education. They are ready not only to live with them in their beautiful, well-groomed, expensive mansion, but also to support them financially.

Another reason is that foreigners find the qualities of Filipinos very suitable for married life. In turn, the girls are incredibly grateful to their white husband (and if they are grateful for grateful to someone, then it is real and lasts till the end of their lives). By themselves, they are obedient, hardworking and never speak against their husband. A man who is used to having constant fights with women and the need to prove something else the time, does not need anything else. World statistics show that the best nurses and nannies are from Philippines, and besides, she agrees to work for lower wages than others, which, compared to what she can earn here, is huge.

Reasons Why Filipino Brides are Looking For Foreigners 

1. For the most part, Philipinines singles have grown up in poor or large families with many children. Daughters of wealthy parents would rather choose their husband for love, and not because of the benefits. A foreign husband can support both his wife and her family.

In principle, this is how the whole family of the bride (parents, numerous brothers, sisters and their families) stop working at all or do not bother trying hard enough, but live on the money that their foreign son-in-law gives them. You need to be prepared for this and you can’t get away from financial assistance to relatives, because you can run into a conflict.

In most cases, girls do not even have a passport, because for the receipt of documents you need to pay decently. Locals use a special pass as an identification document, which they are given at school or pass to the workplace;

2. The level of education of some of the Philippine brides is pretty low, some barely know how to read and write. Some of them only graduated from elementary public school, because for the continuation of training you need to pay a good amount of money. With that much education you can’t really get a good job in any Asian country, so a good marriage will allow the girl not to strain for food all day long as a saleswoman in the market or a milkmaid on a farm;

3. Everywhere in the Philippines: the dream of a prince is cultivated in the family, on television in TV shows and films, in television programs and talk shows in women. The Filipino princes, as a rule, are already busy, and not as rich and attractive as foreign ones. Filipino brides sleep and see a foreign husband, because of how attractive and handsome they are;

4. Some of them simply want to live the country because of bad economic situation, problems with family, lack of nice Filipino guys;

5. They are interested in Western culture, because they want to keep to modern day fashion and are interested in self-development;

6. Filipino brides really like the accent of Foreigners, their physical appearance, as well as their manners.

A portrait of a typical Filipino wife: a young woman no older than 30, good appearance, a lack of education, from a large family, a virgin (there are exceptions, but rarely, because such a bride is valued much less).

In most mixed marriages in the Philippines, husband is the head of the family and wife always listen. However, do not be mistaken about the meekness of the character of Filipino wives. Yes, as a rule, they are powerless and cannot openly confront their husband, but a hot Philipina woman will always find how to manipulate a man (sex, food, etc.).

Best Places to Look for Filipino Brides 

1. On the street, in the store, in a cafe, in a restaurant, pretty much anywhere, anytime. You only need to pay attention to it. If she is not already married, you can calmly flirt with her. Very often the Filipina brides will show that they are interested in you even with their eyes, and at times might even arrogantly offer themselves to be wives.

Despite the incredible shyness, Filipino girls are at the same time very friendly and open to dating male tourists. There is nothing unusual in meeting a Filipina wife on the street, in a shop, in a bar, at a disco or anywhere else.

There are a lot of cases when she is walking alongside and you already know what will happen next: she turns, smiles, giggles and is embarrassed. When this happens, she makes it clear that she is interested in you. Come up to her and say “hello” and again you know the further course of events: she invites you to her home to introduce her family. You come to her house, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that even after seeing you for the first time, wedding plans are being discussed with you. Filipino girls are very good at sex just like girls from go-go bars, but if you marry her, you will no longer have to pay for it.

2. Girly bars. Girly bar is a special place, a bar in which there are always different girls. Samal Island has a lot of such bars. A man comes to the Girly bar, drinks, rests, and at the same time meets and chooses a possible future wife. By the way, the man pays for all of the services, so keep that in mind. In such bars you can find one-night companions – Filipino prostitutes. Be careful and cautious, because your weakness can cost you dearly.

3. Marriage agencies and dating sites (both in your country and in the Philippines). If a man does not want to go to the Philippines to search for his wife, he can always do it online. There are many specialized Internet resources where you can gather a bunch of information about Filipino women for marriages, such as the Philippines laws on marriage, family, children, etc.

There are specialized marriage agencies that will pick up a girl based on needs, arrange a man to correspond with potential brides, send photos, videos, and tell about the family.

Agencies will help you in organizing a marriage (collect documents, buy tickets, agree on everything with the authorities).

If you are going to live in your country a representative of the agency can arrange a marriage at a distance, as well as deliver your wife to your place of residence.

Many foreigners do so. They text with the bride for a while, and then come to check the information on the spot. If everything suits the foreigner, he agrees with the parents of the bride (if they have one) or with other family members about the wedding;

4. One of the easiest ways to meet a Filipino bride is through social networks, such as Badoo, DateInAsia, Tinder, and others. However, as a rule, half of the girls, if not more, will be looking just for sex. Same goes for local clubs and bars. Therefore, if you are looking for long-term relationships, it is better to look for them according to the classical scheme – cinemas, holiday festivals and other events like that;

5. There is an interesting category of women that can be found on local dating sites. They are a great help if you came to to the Philippines by yourself. You will very quickly be able to find yourself a beautiful girl who will be happy to be your guide. The average cost per day will be worth from 1000 to 2000 pesos, plus food. She also lives together with you. Such girls, as a rule, already know all tourist routes and can also save you money on staying in hotels, where you will stay during your travels, and they also where to find everything at the best price;

6. Naturally, I cannot help but touch on this category of girls or boys like them, let’s call them simply “uneasy girls”. When you arrive in the Philippines or, maybe, in other countries of Asia, you will surely meet them on your way. In many poor Filipino families, when a boy is born, it is considered as “unlucky”. The girl is often the family breadwinner, she can always be successfully married to a foreigner and get cash dividends for life, or simply work in the show business, which is also a good income for the family. Therefore, when a boy is born in a poor family, he is tested for a propensity for female behavior, and if his parents find out that there are signs of a girl in his behavior, he can be given hormone preparations from an early age so that his body is shaped like a girl’s. Therefore, you should not be offended and upset if you find yourself in an embarrassing situation;

7. Another very interesting category of girls for a lonely, not quite young foreigner are those who already have children, usually one or two. Such girls themselves are looking for a serious relationship and can happily live with you, even if you are not very rich. They can look very good, they know how to cook deliciously, and they will always clean up. They may already have a husband on another island with whom they do not want to communicate anymore, but they cannot divorce either, because according to Philippine law, only “death can separate marriage”. It’s pretty comfortable to live with such girls, but don’t forget about financial support. On average, such a family union can cost you $ 500, on top of the expenses that you will incur on your new family.

How to Marry a Filipino Woman?

If you are looking to marry an attractive Filipino bride, then you will need a certain amount of documents to get everything done, including:

  • Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. This one is needed from your embassy;
  • No objection statement. You also need to get this one from your embassy. Requirements are different for each country, so be sure to call your embassy and ask any question that you may have;
  • If either one of you is no older than 21 years of age, then parental consent is a must. Same goes if either one of you is younger than 25 years old, then you need at least a written parental advice;
  • You will have to provide a certificate of singleness. This one is pretty obvious, you will have to prove that you aren’t married to anyone at that moment.


Filipino wives might not the most educated, but it doesn’t make them less smart and beautiful. It’s very hard to find a better loving woman than Filipino to be your wife.