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Free Dating Sites


More than a third of users of the World Wide Web at least once used the services of dating sites. Every day, more than one and a half million people spend four hours or more on such portals. At the same time, men and women on the sites are registered approximately equally. Free dating websites are also very popular, where lonely hearts can find a partner for any kind of relationship. Such portals guarantee free communication and the opportunity to find a soul mate without cost, however, such sites may have limited search capabilities and all communication options are not available. But no matter what, a lot of people successfully find their love on free dating platforms.

How do mail order brides services work?

What is free dating?

Having decided to use the online dating service, people often prefer free online dating sites to a paid one. However, in order to choose the right dating site, you need to consider not only the monetary side of the issue. What are the benefits of free services? Perhaps the main advantage of free dating services is the complete absence of costs for using it and unlimited access to all functions of the site. Another advantage is that a large number of people register on free sites, which provides a wide selection of candidates for dating. Choose a dating platform and start looking for a serious relationship today.

Top Free Dating Sites

Plenty Of Fish

This portal is one of the best free dating sites in the world. This site is highly regarded by its many users around the world. While selecting candidates for a joint life, the Plenty Of Fish dating site uses the psychological aspect. A feature of this dating portal is the highlighting of biochemistry as a sympathy factor for individuals. The platform provides most of the functions for free. Users can view profiles of other participants, send an unlimited number of messages, etc. Registration for POF is simple and does not take much time, there are several tests on the character of the personality, which allow you to establish compatibility with other singles, there is an advanced search function, etc.


This portal is one of the first sites that introduced online dating in an international format. It was launched in 1995 to help single people to find each other, socialize, meet in real life, and even get married. The service is widely known throughout the world and is one of the leaders in the virtual dating industry. Everyone who passes the registration must tell about themselves in writing form, post in their profile up to 26 photos, indicate the purpose of the acquaintance, and also select the gender of single people with whom the user wants to meet and start chatting. All profiles and photos posted on the platform are subject to mandatory verification by administrators. Until this check is completed, the user profile is not available to all other participants. After a successful check, everything happens quite simply: a profile with photos appears in the site search, and users can view it, send messages, invite to meetings, chat online.


Without a doubt This is one of the most successful sources on which many lonely people can find their soul mates. This service was created 15 years ago, back in 2003 and is gaining more and more popularity every year, not only in the United States, but around the world. The portal provides all the basic functions that a free dating site has: registration and profile creation; partner search, settings; the ability to quickly and easily contact a single person of interest; show interest in other users. On the platform, dating takes place according to a certain algorithm and here you can find people who are right for you. Online registration involves taking a small psychological test. Answering a question, the users select the answer and, if necessary, indicate how important it is for them. If participants appear with a high percentage of coincidence, the user will automatically receive a notification. Thus, it is possible to understand what is the psychological compatibility with each participant. The profile is created for free. This site also provides mobile phone applications, versions for iPhone and Android, so that the process of dating and communication is as comfortable and convenient as possible for everyone.


EliteSingles lives up to its name. More than 80% of participants have higher education. Therefore, the portal has established itself as the best website for acquaintance on the Internet with intelligent and highly educated people. Currently, more than 13 million users are registered on the site. Online registration is very fast, but for this you will need to fill out basic information about yourself and pass a psychological test. Test questions relate to personal and professional qualities, character, appearance, personal self-esteem and future partner. That is, after many questions about the participant, the question about the prospective partner follows. After testing, registration is considered complete. Moreover, a special mobile application was created on iOs and Android for convenience of users , it supports the same functions as the portal. You can find a partner of any gender on the site, and the tracking functions let you know who viewed your profile. Communication on the site is ensured in compliance with all security measures (protection against spam, scammers) and confidentiality.


This free dating portal for single people is designed to search for a soul mate, as well as friends and pleasant communication, both in letters and in chat rooms. The service was launched in 2007, and it is visited daily by about 35 million people. Here you can find participants from all over the world: USA, Canada, Australia, many countries of Europe. The site itself has been translated into 25 languages. In addition, the site has a convenient mobile application for iOs and Android, which you can download on the Internet. The main advantages of the portal are the inexhaustible number of chats for communication on the site, fast and attentive customer support, enormous verification of the owner’s photo, the possibility of advanced search profiles (except age and gender, you can choose a physique, religion, etc.), there is a special way to select a partner or a friend using special CyberKupidon algorithms. Another feature of the site is the registration method, it is very simple. However, in addition to standard data such as a phone number and email, the user will still be asked for his education and will even know his attitude to smoking. To become familiar with the site you need to go through the provided training steps. The CyberCupidon function analyzes user data, interests and preferences in a partner. And on their basis, the site automatically selects a suitable candidates.


This is an easy way to meet people who are abroad. This free dating site allows you to get acquainted with singles from various countries – America, Spain, Italy, Australia, Poland, etc. Currently, the number of active users totals more than 41 million people. The site has great authority, and is also very safe and reliable. It uses a special approach that allows you to combine pairs to create long-term relationships. During the registration process, each participant undergoes psychological testing, answering a large number of questions, and based on the answers, a suitable candidate is selected. Registration on the site is free. Online registration takes at least an hour, as you will have to answer about 500 questions. But after that, the user receives profiles of participants that are most suitable for him on the basis of the completed test. According to statistics, 5% of marriages in America occur thanks to this portal. In order to always stay in touch, users can download the mobile app and use it from their smartphone.


Tinder is the simplest and most famous international dating application in the world. Thanks to this portal, member can find a company or a person in the evening anywhere in the world: wherever Internet connection is available. Tinder is very easy to use. The user sets the basic parameters for location, gender and age, and if he searches, he will play back a tape of photos of all candidates. Then everything is almost like on Instagram: you can simply leaf through the photo feed, and either like the person’s profile or not. You can start correspondence only if the sympathy is mutual and both people like each other.


This is a reliable dating site that serves people 50 years old and older who are eager to find casual encounters or serious relationships. Since life goals and desires often change after the fifth decade, it would be nice to use a site specific to the demographic group. Website design and navigation are easy to use, even for a mature audience whose website wants to help find love and more. This community attracts millions of visitors per month. Mobile apps are the best way to use OurTime. Free accounts can show matches and show members who viewed your profile, and also allows viewing other profiles.


This is a dating site, primarily for those who want to find attractive people and sex friends. There are more than 75 million participants, about 800 live broadcasts, almost 100 million photos and more than 4 million successful communications – this is a huge amount. Among such a large number of participants, you can find someone who is in your area, even if you do not live in a large metropolis. You can find any preferences and oddities, and probably even in your area. The site design is beautiful and very easy to use. Many features are provided free of charge. There are many search options, from physical signs to the zodiac sign, which will help you easily find the right people and get to know them.


This is a Christian dating site that was created back in 2000. The number of participants is more than 500 thousand people. After registration, the user is asked to fill out his profile. Much attention is paid to the interests and hobbies of participants. This portal is intended for people who profess Christian doctrine. The site is especially proud of its powerful language support, thanks to which, for example, English-speaking users can easily communicate in Spanish, French or German. The site administration emphasizes that the policy of extending services to other countries is “a response to the numerous requests of users and serves the great worldwide mission of the Christian faith.” The main goal of this portal is to “help every single Christian and Christian find their other halves.

Pay or not pay

If you want dating not cost you a dime, use one of the many totally free online dating sites available to everyone. They can also be a good place to start if you are new to online dating to see if this way of finding a partner is right for you.

Due to the fact that these sites are free and open to everyone, you may find that it attracts a large number of different people who are not necessarily looking for a serious relationship. For example, you can meet a man who is not alone, but seems to you a bachelor. There may be people who just chat with each other because they have free time and enjoy it. There may be men and women who have registered out of curiosity and are not going to build a serious relationship, much less meet in real life. Or also there you can meet people who simply do not know what they want.

Free dating sites without payment are often more limited in their functionality compared to paid sites because they do not receive money from subscribers. Therefore, there will be people in the search who simply live near you, but without common interests. You will have to spend time processing all the results of the issue to try to find someone who has something in common with you, or matches the type that you specifically looked for.

On paid sites you can find not only people living in a certain place, but also find out your psychological compatibility, age, religion and much more. Men on these sites are more likely to be active because of a paid subscription (making sure your profile is verified and you are responding to messages), so a search on a paid site gives better results than completely free dating sites.

So, now you know the main advantages of the two types of sites, so you are probably wondering which site will be better for you. All sites – paid and 100 percent free dating sites, offer a wide selection of men and women from different countries. Therefore, it is up to you to decide on which site to start your search for a half night or partner for one night. The most important thing is to understand, that someone who is serious about finding a partner, will be able to find love sooner or later. Therefore, in this matter, the main thing is a serious approach, intuition and patience.

First date tips

And if you are lucky and you have found that one, you should think about the first date. Acquaintance should occur at a pace that is comfortable for you. The decision to transfer an online dating on 100% free online dating site into real life is best made with complete confidence that you are making the right choice. But do not give your address to your new friends right away – everything should happen gradually, as no matter what, you definitely cannot be confident in a person whom you have never seen in real life.

The first meeting should take place on neutral territory. Before meeting, try to observe certain safety rules: arrange to meet in a crowded place, leave the path to retreat (for example, tell your friends where you are going and ask them for a “control” call), do not drink too much alcohol, do not leave personal things unattended.

While searching for a partner on dating websites for free, listen to intuition, but do not forget about common sense and be vigilant. Compliance with security rules does not guarantee protection against fraud, either in real life or in an online acquaintance, but it can reduce the risk that you will be deceived.


Free no pay dating sites have opened the door to the world of dating, first of all, to those people who are not lucky to meet in real life. They also help those people who are busy, live in small cities, or simply do not know how to get to know each other in real life. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of online dating. After all, you will not meet a worthy man on the street … because he moves in his car. You will not even meet him at work … because it is quite possible that he has his own private business. And you don’t even meet him at the fitness center … because his club card was bought in a nearby, but not your gym. And it’s sometimes difficult for men to find love in the real world, for many reasons. And therefore, very often online dating is sometimes the only place where you can meet the man or woman of your dreams.

Online dating is really time-saving thing for busy people. Indeed, there is no need to go somewhere to get to know the person better. Enough is go online and send a message to a single man or woman. As not every man or woman on the street is ready to meet strangers. But at the same time, almost every man and woman on the Dating site is focused on this. After all, this is exactly the place where people come just to get to know each other. In this regard, everything is much easier in online dating.

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