How to Become a Millionaire less than 5 Years

Obviously, every one of us wants to become a millionaire. However, even if we have racked our brains trying to figure out the most effective ways to reach our goals, the result is not the one that we are hoping for.

Now, let’s see some tips on how to become a millionaire less than 5 years.

Imagine that your income is only $400 per month and you are satisfied with it. Now, I divide your money into 5 parts. The first part of money is $150, the second part is $70, the third part is $50, the fourth part is $30 and the fifth part is $100.

The first part of money is for living expenses. It may be a little less for you and you can only spend $5 per day. But as long and difficult as the process became, it was always many times as much fun and definitely worth our while. Even if you can’t have milk, bread, vegetables and fruits every day but at least one of them to keep you health. You are still young, so don’t worry about you may be ill for diet.

The second part is for making friends and enlarging your interpersonal circle. You may spend $15 for your mobile phone and the rest is for entertaining guests. So who are the ones that you should treat? They should be the ones who are much more thoughtful and richer than you and what’s more, you should thank for their help. If your friends think that you never buy a round or rarely pay your fair share, you may lose the chance to stay with them. On the contrary, even though you are poor but insisting on treating them, you could harvest many benefits in a short period of time and your fame are improving day after day.

The third part is for learning. You could buy some books or newspapers every month. Carefully read these books and experience the authors’ words. After you read these books, share your opinions with your friends and let them know that you are an educated and reliable man. Most of millionaires are fond of making friends with ones who prefer reading. In addition, you could apply some training on your spare time to learn more knowledge and make more friends during the process of training.

The fourth part is for traveling. You could travel once per year at the beginning. You could save your money by ordering some cheap hotel but traveling is necessary for you. You could learn a lot during your journey each time. Besides, you may become more and more energy and enthusiasm when you come back work.

The fifth part is for investing. You could save this part of money and invest it into the stock market or run a small business if you dislike risking. Small business is not only to help you earn some money but also increase your confidence and courage.

No matter what happens to you, leave enough money for yourself to guarantee your living. Mention yourself now and then to save money no matter how rich you are in the future. After all, only a few of people are born in millionaire. If you work hard and reasonably plan your money, you’ll become a millionaire less than 5 years.

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