How to Date with a Millionaire?

Imagine that you never date with a millionaire before, you maybe always a little nervous about how to be suitable for his lifestyle. How to keep a good relationship with him and won’t feel completely at a loss? How do you make him think that you dating with him are not only for his wealthy but also for love?

Examine your motivation.
Ask yourself the real reasons for dating with a millionaire. You love him and he is rich by coincidence or you agree to date with him only because he is rich. If the diamond earrings that he gave you are much more important than his kiss, you may keep the relationship for mistake reason so that it doesn’t last very long time. You could realize your motivation from your heart by the following questions:

  • If he hasn’t had luxury car and house, are you still attracted to him? If you are not sure whether you still love him when he lives in a small apartment, you may only love his fortune instead of him.
  • Do you mind he is close to retirement when you are just 20 years old? Even if age is just a number, a sugar daddy is more than a word.
  • When someone asks why you love him, your first answer is that he is rich. If so, you have a crush on his money but ignore other excellent quality or he doesn’t have others.
  • Do you only date with rich men? If he is the truth millionaire you ever dated, the only condition you care about him is just because of his wealth. Then you’d better take consideration about your situation and confirm what you are looking for.

Enjoy his fortune but try your best to repay.
Admittedly, champagne and fresh oyster are a large meal but you order them every night without any return. Therefore, your man would doubt that you only love his bank account instead of his wise or humorous. Find a balance between high expense and relatively low expense that you can afford.
Even though you are very poor, you’d better bear the cost once in a while to express your love to him. If you can’t afford the high expense meal, you can purchase cinema tickets for him or pay for drinking in the bar. In addition, you could invite him to your home and cook a delicious and cheap dinner for him. Ask him to company with you in some inexpensive sports, like walking, running, hiking or only basking yourselves on the sunny beach.

Never feel perplexed about his fortune.
If he is the best one for you, he doesn’t want to hear you mention over and over again that he is rich or you are fond of dating with a millionaire, which may make him lose heart about himself or your relationship.
When you intended to introduce him to your new friends, tell them to be discreet. If one of them said, “You are the richest man I know in the world.” It looks like money is the only thing that you care.
If he wants to buy some luxury things, let him do. When he wants to take you to the theater or holiday, don’t hurt him by repeatedly saying it’s too expensive. Otherwise, your words would break the romantic environment and you can’t experience his kindhearted.

Try to accommodate his lifestyle.
You are no need to learn all his behaviors, especially in the condition that you are lack of money. The best ways are to share the same interests or preference to know his world better. The more the common points between you are, the deeper you love him.
Even if you must buy some discounted famous brand clothes to make you look like wealth, pay attention to your role and dress up you appropriately. Learn some hobbies of rich men, like the sailboat, polo or tennis. As a result, you’ll harvest some new skills and make some new friends. Most of all, you’ll be happy during the process of learning.

Learn how to disprove the view that money is everything.
If you love the millionaire deeply, you are likely to pay a visit to his family and rich friends. You have to leave him a good impression and let them know that you love your boyfriend rather than his luxury yacht. If you make a special trip to call on his family at the first time, never mention that you live together with a luxury life for fear that they doubt you stay with him only for his money.
Just be yourself no matter what others think about you. Even though you have to adjust yourself to approach him, remember to be yourself. If your boyfriend doesn’t like the real you, so do his family and friends.

No matter how he is rich or poor, you must pay attention to run the relationship with him.
Apart from money, there’s not much difference between rich men and poor men. Exchange your opinions with him and tell him your ideas about dating with a millionaire. Let him know whether you feel uncomfortable about his fortune and it is very important to you. Tell him your love about him is growing with each passing day which could make him know that you love him but it doesn’t matter with money.

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