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Indian Brides

Indian Brides: Hot and Beautiful Women for Marriage

Everyone who has experience of using mail-order bride websites knows that finding an Indian mail order bride on the Internet is quite difficult. India is a country where century-old traditions are still alive. One of the key traditions is a custom of arranged marriages. It’s uncommon for Indian brides to look for life partners on their own. Instead, parents usually match their daughters with men within their caste. However, the share of progressive-thinking families is increasing, and today, it’s not totally impossible to find an Indian wife online.

How do mail order brides services work?

Finding a Wife from India: the Most Complete Guide

To search for a potential wife from India you need to find an honest dating agency that offers a good database of Indian mail order brides. There are not many of them but you can find some in our review of top mail order bride services. Of course, you will have to create an account and verify it as required. Make an attractive portfolio: add your real photos, describe what type of girl you are looking for and write a couple of words about yourself. 

Keep in mind that while many hot Indian women dream about finding a foreign husband, they will never marry a first comer. Even if a girl has progressive views, she has grown up in a conservative society, and national traditions are no empty boast for her. Usually, to charm a beautiful girl you’ll need to charm other members of her family. They must see you as a responsible, honest man who can provide for a family. So try to let the girl of your choice know that you are taking marriage seriously and with due responsibility. Chances are, your prospective bride is escaping from violence and poverty prevailing in her home country, and she wants her future husband to be as safe as houses.

Finally, there is one more basic rule of starting a new relationship with a girl, regardless of her nationality. Treat her as if she were the only girl on the planet. Let her know you are charmed not only with her appearance but with her personality as well. Always bear in mind that Indian girls are different from emancipated western women, as they have grown up in a totally different culture. They are extremely feminine, and they want you to treat them as Women.

Tips on Understanding Your Indian Bride

After weeks of searching, finally, you found a beautiful Indian woman who wouldn’t mind to start dating you. However, being the people from two different cultures, you’ll inevitably face some difficulties in understanding each other. What can you do to understand your Indian bride better? Here are some tips for you.

  • Try to understand the Indian culture first. The easiest way to do it is through books and movies. Look for documentary films about the daily life in this country. Learn some basic historical facts. When you have an idea of how people in India live, you’ll better understand your Indian girlfriend.
  • Start learning Hindi. Yes, there are two official languages in India, and most of its citizens speak English fluently. But Hindi is the native language of Indian people, and they can use it to express some things that can’t be rendered into English without compromising accuracy. Moreover, your girlfriend will be flattered when she hears some words in Hindi from you.
  • Don’t be shy to ask questions. If you are not sure you understand what she means correctly, ask her to explain. Discuss various topics, exchange your views on different issues. But be very cautious about such controversial topics as politics, religions, traditions, money, and sex. Of course, none of these topics is a subject for jokes.

It is always difficult to find common ground with a new person, especially if this person comes from another country. But don’t worry too much – deep in their heart single Indian girls and women are just usual people seeking for happiness. And happiness, as we know, consists of simple things, such as love, respect, and joy. Make your Indian girlfriend happy, and you won’t have to look for a key to her heart.

What are the Family Values of Indian Women?

As we’ve already mentioned, family life is the main priority of Indian wives. All Indian girls are prepared for family life from the very childhood. They are taught to respect a husband and his family members. By the way, India is one of the few countries where child marriages are approved by the church and by society. The average marriage age in India for women is 21 years, which is much lower than in western countries. If a woman is single at the age of 30, she is considered “old” for marriage, and the probability of finding a husband for her in India is very low. No surprise that marriage is considered the main event in a girl’s life. 

Those looking for Indian girl for marriage should take into account that family is the primary value for her and she will expect the same attitude from you. Indian wives tend to be much more submissive than American or European women. They are taught to obey their husbands. That said, they take marital fidelity very seriously and can be rather jealous. 

Another important family value for Indians is maternity. A traditional Indian family is a family with several children, so girls usually take care of their small brothers and sisters from the very childhood. Indian women are good mothers. At the same time, they always try to look good in order to please the husband. They are a type of women that manage to combine housework, bringing up children, and self-care. 

To sum it up, Indian girls for marriage have the priorities and values that are uncommon for western women. This is one of the reasons why men from other countries are looking for them. But there are some other reasons as well – we’ll tell about them in the following sections of our guide.

Why Do Indian Brides Attract Men?

The popularity of Indian mail order brides is constantly growing. More and more men from the USA, Canada, and Western Europe want to marry women from this exotic Asian country. What features of Indian brides attract western men? Here is what men themselves say.

  1. Exotic beauty and sexuality. Most Indian brides for marriage are young slender girls with beautiful tanned skin, black glossy hair and brown eyes. Their beauty is natural – it means they are beautiful even without cosmetics. Indians love dancing, and even small girls are usually good dancers. Indians are good at belly dance, which is one of the most alluring and sexual kinds of dancing. 
  2. Focus on family and marital fidelity. Like all Asian women, Indians are oriented to family life rather than a career. On the one hand, by doing so, they let men feel responsible for the whole family, which is important from the psychological point of view. On the other hand, a clean and tidy home and homemade food are the things that few men can resist.
  3. Traditional family values. This is what we told about in the previous section. Indian women are good mothers and loving wives. They respect senior family members. They take marital life seriously and do everything they can to please their life partners. 

One can say that these are basic features that any woman should have. But in fact, many modern western girls are different. They tend to focus on a career rather than family, and many of them prefer to stay childfree. That is why more and more men from America and Europe are looking for brides in foreign countries, including India. 

The Facts You Should Know about Indian Singles

Those looking for Indian women for marriage have to communicate with single girls and women online. To make the communication more effective and successful one needs to understand what to expect from Indian singles. While each girl is special, there are some facts that are common for the majority of them. 

First of all, most Indian mail order brides are young. The average marriage age in India hardly exceeds 20 years. Moreover, in this country child marriages are still allowed. Of course, you’ll hardly find minors on an international dating site, as they simply won’t be able to verify accounts. But the share of 18-year-old girls looking for happiness abroad is pretty high. There are older women as well but their share is not large. The number of unmarried 30-year-old women is small, while the divorce rate in the country is extremely low – somewhat around 0.4% on average. 

Another fact that can be surprising for many foreigners is that many Indian girls have a decent level of education. Contrary to a popular belief, school education is free in India, and the share of illiterate women is not as large as it used to be several decades ago. 

Last but not least is the fact about a high level of financial awareness of Indian brides. These girls know the true value of money. Your hot Indian wife will keep your finances safe better than the Bank of England and prevent you from unnecessary expenditures. 

All in all, Indian girls are nice to deal with. Most of them speak and write English pretty well, so starting a conversation with them is usually not a problem. The majority of mail order brides from Indian dating sites are young and smart. They handle finances very well and know the real value of money. 

What Do Indian Brides Expect from Foreign Men?

If you want to find an Indian wife you need to win her heart and the heart of her family members first. It means you need to understand how to comply with her expectations. In fact, there are not many things that an Indian mail order bride expects from you but they are important.

  1. Financial stability. You can say that love doesn’t have a price, but for Indian girls who grew up in terrible living conditions, financial stability is an issue of first priority. In their understanding, a man is the future head of the family who will have to provide for his wife and children. Poverty is a primary reason that makes Indian girls look for partners abroad, and be sure, they are looking for well-off men.
  2. Respect towards her and her family. Though Indian women are submissive, they can’t do with rudeness or disdain. If you want to catch the heart of a beautiful young Indian, show your respect to her and her family. Keep in mind that old traditions are still strong in this country, and the parents’ opinion does matter. 
  3. Love, care and admiration. Every woman in the world, irrespective of her nationality, is longing for love and admiration. The easiest way to charm an Indian bride is to tell her compliments, to send her flowers and small presents. Try to be open and sincere in order to make her believe in your admiration.

To sum it up, Indian women are concerned about money, as financial stability is one of their primary life values. That said, don’t expect you’ll be able to “buy” them. An Indian girl will hardly ever marry a man who doesn’t respect her and her family. These are the main things that Indians expect from foreign men. 

Why Do Indian Girls Become Mail Order Brides?

India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Besides, the share of women here is noticeably smaller than the share of men. Therefore, there is definitely no deficiency of men around. Why on earth are women looking for foreigners? The truth is that most of them just want to escape from the country for various reasons.

India still remains one of the countries where people’s rights are severely violated. While new progressive laws are adopted, people are not ready to quit ancient traditions. Girls are married against their will; some of them are literally sold. 

Another weird tradition, which is still widely practiced in India, is paying a dowry for a bride. This is the reason why young girls from poor families just can’t find a match in their home country. They are destined to stay single or try to find a husband abroad. 

While theoretically, India claims gender equality, in practice, women’s rights are often violated. Few women can enter universities or find a well-paid job. Their deal is a lot of housework, hard manual labor, and raising children. No surprise modern women believe they deserve something better. Marrying a foreigner for them is often the only way to leave the country legally. 

Among other reasons, Indian mail order brides from dating sites usually name a desire to travel around the world, to study at a foreign university and make a career, which is quite a problem in their homeland. 

Finally, one more category of Indian mail order brides includes divorced women. Their share is very small but there are some. The truth is that they have almost a zero chance to find a husband in India.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Dating an Indian Woman

No matter whether you meet Indian women or date them online, there are some unspoken rules for you to consider. If your goal is to attract a girl, consider several things you should avoid doing.

  • Touch upon sensitive and controversial issues – politics, sex, racism, gender inequality, religion, and so on. Also, don’t laugh at the national traditions, which seem you weird or unusual. Instead, tell something interesting about your country and traditions – it will motivate your counterpart to share her stories.
  • Tell her about your past relationship with women or sexual affairs. Keep in mind that these women are oriented to marriage, and marital fidelity is their core value. 
  • Let her know that you are not going to provide for the family. As you know, financial stability is crucial for Indian brides. They will hardly deal with a man who has a low income or who is not going to keep the family. 
  • Try to flirt or offer her sex before marriage. Indian society is rather conservative, and girls are brought up with traditional values and ideas in mind. Sex before marriage is unacceptable for most of them. Also, they are not good at flirting, unlike western women. On the contrary, Indian girls tend to be modest and reserved.
  • Criticize her food excesses. You, probably, know that many Hinduists are vegetarians. But even if they are not, they don’t consume certain foods, for example, beef. If your prospect Indian girlfriend is a Hinduist, don’t try to change her views immediately.

India is a very special and controversial country, and so are Indian women. If you are charmed with their unique natural beauty combined with modesty and submissiveness, dating sites that offer Indian mail order brides are for you. Thousands of Indian singles are waiting for a man like you right now.