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Jamaican Brides
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Jamaican Brides

Hot Jamaican women are temperamental and flamboyant islanders 

Jamaican mail order bride make a lasting impression. You can find slender, long-legged, plastic and plump-lipped girls in this small island state. They are quite friendly and smiling, laugh a lot and talk no less, like tight clothes and extravagant jewelry. And that’s not all you should know about these ladies.

The radiant beauty 

Sexy hot Jamaican girls are incredibly beautiful. Before marriage, these brides look like elegant African statuettes, for they have the following features: 

  • chiselled long legs and hands; 
  • buttocks like two round melons;
  • pretty faces caressed by the tropic sun; 
  • black eyes that resemble the Caribbean night (just remember the hypnotizing look of irresistible Naomi Campbell whose parents originally hail from Jamaica).

The charming brides of Jamaica never grow old, they simply have no age. They are always young at heart. Children and work cannot leave an imprint of seriousness and “adulthood” on them. 

Once married, the most Jamaican women become buxom beauties with wide hips, plumpy belly and large breasts. That’s the female appearance that is regarded as a standard one in Jamaica. Traditionally, it’s believed by people of this island that a slender woman cannot give birth to a healthy child. At the same time, you won’t find any “fat brood hens” among these brides. Ladies of Jamaica get used to rhythmic dancing and physical work, that’s why their bodies are always attractive to men’s gazes.   

In general, Jamaican females can be regarded as a unique phenomenon. They not only don’t have complexes about their magnificent curves but are proud of them. Jamaican brides emphasize the advantages of their figures in all possible ways. Regardless of the bodily constitution, ladies of Jamaica like to wear tight blouses, leggings and mini skirts. 

How do mail order brides services work?

The trendsetters of world fashion 

Brides of Jamaica dress in an extremely interesting, stylish and bright way. Fashion trends born on this island are quickly conquering the world. 

Judge for yourself: 

  • red loafers and white socks – the Jamaican fashionistas who began to wear it;
  • you may often see a bride in Jamaica who wears a blouse with sequins in combination with leopard leggings or red shirt with a blue skirt, yellow shoes and green bag; sexy Jamaican woman isn’t afraid of experiments – the brighter and more contrasting, the better.
  • comfort is not the last argument when it comes to Jamaican fashion, the hottest trend of which is the clothing made of hemp fabric; it’s more hygienic for hot and wet weather than things made of linen. 

A large amount of bright jewelry complements the colorful wardrobe of a bride from Jamaica. Surprisingly, such a seemingly “parrot” combination of colors and trinkets looks quite impressive on these island beauties. Perhaps, their absolute confidence in their own irresistibility plays a significant role here. It’s one of the distinctive Jamaican features. 

With all her love for the bright and tight clothes, a sexy Jamaican bride would never sunbathe topless or in a too revealing swimsuit, for it’s considered to be indecent. Most likely, this woman will come in shorts and crop top to the beach and will go into the water like this. 

Paying great attention to their appearance, brides from the sunny island can change clothes 5 times a day. And if a woman wears the same things for 2 days in a row, it means that her husband cannot provide his wife with a normal set of clothes.  

Things, hairstyle, manicure – women of Jamaica should always be on the ball. Regardless of her income, every self-respecting island bride has more than two pairs of shoes of different colors, heaps of jewelry, say nothing of clothes – that’s a kind of cult for them.  

Jamaican brides: the peculiarities of mentality 

The expression “Jamaican ladies” is not equal to “black women”. Jamaica is a country of different people. The vast majority of Jamaican women are of African descent and have the black color of skin. About 6% of them are mulattos, the descendants of mixed marriages of Africans and immigrants from European and Middle Eastern countries, as well as from China and India. 2% of local women belong to representatives of other ethnic groups. 

The official language of the island is English. However, in everyday communication, local people often use “patua”, a special form of English mixed with Spanish and Portuguese, as well as with African dialects and many others. The most popular phrases include:

  •  “Yo, man” (used for almost all occasions)
  • “Respect” (can mean a lot – from greeting to farewell).

Character and temperament of beautiful Jamaican ladies

The imperturbable positivism of brides from Jamaica is to be envied. It seems that they are absolutely happy with their life, delighted with themselves and can always turn a situation in their own favor. 

Friendliness and openness 

Hot Jamaican girls win over hearts with their goodwill. These women treat all strangers friendly and expect the mutual respect from them. Smiling and ease of communication along with cheerfulness are typical features of Jamaican brides. 


One of the main national peculiarities of Jamaican women is the slowness in running errands and very serene view of everyday problems. No wonder that the unofficial motto of the island is the phrase “No problem!”

Freedom in behavior 

Jamaican women are self-confident, and it’s impossible to drive her into the trap of stereotypes. This bride doesn’t care about opinion of other people. Jamaican ladies are self-sufficing. If this bride has a party planned for the evening, she will just leave the house with curlers in her hair. 

Despite their vividness and relaxedness, Jamaican brides are very conservative in some respects. For instance, the public showing of love will not be accepted positively by any of them. 

Sex appeal 

Hot Jamaican women have no rivals either between the sheets or on the dance floor. Even if there are dozens of girls in your Don Juan’s list, a bride from Jamaica will take the number one position in it. You’ll be delighted with the sexy games offered by her. The most energetic ideas may be among them, such as:  

  • chocolate party – covering the bodies with chocolate and licking each other; 
  • the bed circus show called “Illusions”; this is something more impressive than the coolest Jamaican striptease; 
  • “excitement of Caesar” – a ritual reminiscent of the Roman emperor putting on a toga (in your case – a sheet) with the help of his beloved woman; 
  • “crazy carnival” – dancing with a bride from Jamaica to hedonistic music in the nuddy.  

Having tried this fiery experience with a sexy Jamaican, you’ll never forget it.  

Relationships with men

Beautiful Jamaican women are extremely independent. They don’t rush to formalize their relationships with men. At first, a Jamaican bride tries to get to know a future husband properly. Those who cannot support a family are not regarded as candidates for marriage. For a Jamaican woman, there’s no such proverb as “Love makes a cottage a castle”.

Jamaican brides have great power on this island. They are always advised with, they are heard and asked. People are afraid to offend a Jamaican woman! She would nip the moral violence or beating in the bud. At the same time, Jamaican brides never grovel or beg for something. 

Practical islanders understand emancipation in their own way. If a Jamaican woman has to visit a club with her girlfriends in the evening, she’s an emancipated lady, and if it’s time to pay the bill in a restaurant, she’s a weak creature dependent on her man.

It’s worth mentioning that Jamaican brides can be different. There are kind and self-affected ladies among them; some women of Jamaica like cooking and the others just think that the “kitchen isn’t for queens”; there are those women in Jamaica who make a career and those who are ready to sacrifice it for the sake of a family; there are also independent ladies and those who rely on men, as well as scandalous and quiet brides on this island.

That’s a real “female set” – there’s a lot to choose from! But still, there’s one rule followed by every Jamaican woman – she can have sex without love, but she would never agree to have love without sex.

Family values

All Jamaican brides are family-oriented. They follow family traditions and keep in touch with numerous relatives. No matter what country a Jamaican would choose for residence, she will always remember the culture of her motherland. 

The adherence to family traditions

A big Sunday lunch is the main tradition in Jamaican family. People discuss current issues and solve them in an informal setting. Even the poorest families try to dress up for such an occasion. The main dish on the table is fried chicken or beef with macaroni, cheese, rice or peas.  

All Jamaican wives know how to cook a lot of tasty things. At Easter, they may bake fragrant rolls with cheese and butter. During fasting, people usually eat fried fish here.  

Marrying in a Jamaican way 

Marriages are celebrated with pomp and ceremony in Jamaica. The bride is dressed up in a luxurious wedding dress. As a rule, the first marriage remains the only one. Spouses should stay together through foul and fair. 

Attitude to the younger generation 

Children are regarded as self-dependent grown-ups almost from the moment they are born. When a kid is 2 years old, he/she is asked whether it’s time for him/her going to bed. If he/she refuses, well, there’s nothing to do about it. At the age of 5, kids sweep their yards, go shopping and wash dishes. At the age of 10, Jamaican children wash their school uniforms by themselves. 

Children are brought up by their parents and other members of the great family. All relatives are responsible for a good education of children. Besides, Jamaican sisters and brothers are taught that they should take care of one another since the early infant age. 

Where can you meet a hot Jamaican girl

In case you are not interested in casual meetings, don’t look for a woman among ladies who work on a Jamaican beach. For masseuses, saleswomen and just casual persons, you’ll be no more than a walking wallet. In 90% of cases, they don’t need anything except for your money. These Jamaican women probably have husbands and children already. 

It would be judicious to apply to the international dating agency with an Internet platform. There may be thousands Jamaican mail order brides registered on it. The administration of these resources carefully checks all the members to grant you a high level of security. 

Nowadays, online dating is a reasonable and economical way of looking for a partner. You don’t need to spend your money and time on an air trip to Montego Bay to find your woman. You can meet your other half without leaving your armchair.  

The online dating service will provide you with the impressing base of brides. Without paying a cent, you can get acquainted visually with all the female users – their profiles with pics will be available for review. After choosing one or several candidates for messaging, you should pay a symbolic sum of money to get in touch with her/them. 

Some platforms will offer you video chat or phone communication (possibly with an interpreter) apart from text messaging. Such meetings with single ladies can increase your chances of success significantly. 

Of course, before you start using any Jamaican dating site, you should learn its security policy and set of options. If you’re a confident user, that won’t be a problem for you. The newcomers who don’t know yet how to date brides online should start with the expert reviews of Internet platforms. It will help avoid meeting scammers and “virtuals”.

10 life hacks for those who want to get acquainted with Jamaican mail order brides:

  1. At the very beginning, specify whether the hot Jamaican woman is free. It may appear that she has a man already and she perceives you as just a good friend of hers.
  2. Please note that the polite treatment is highly admired and respected by Jamaican brides. That’s why an extra “please”, “thanks” and “sorry” would never hurt. 
  3. When dating a Jamaican woman through video chat, ask to repeat the words you don’t understand in a polite way. Don’t hint at the superiority of traditional English over the local dialect of the bride you’re chatting with.
  4. When sending words of greeting to your Jamaican woman, you should accompany them with traditional question typical for Jamaican etiquette – “How are you?” 
  5. You should show that you’re not a manchild or gigolo, but a strong and independent man. Tell your potential Jamaican bride about your career, living conditions and income level. 
  6. Dating a Jamaican girl convince her that you can do everything that a man should do according to the opinion of the Jamaican population, that is, washing, cooking, keeping the house clean (and himself as well). This is a part of the culture of Jamaica. 
  7. Don’t rush to say no to the single woman if she asks you for money. Try to find out what she needs it for. Maybe, this Jamaican woman wants to help one of her numerous relatives who hit a rough patch. Remember – the family is in the first place for Jamaican ladies. If you don’t have money, tell your bride that you cannot send it right now, but that you’ll do it when you have some. And have respect for your promises. Jamaican men do the same. They even specify the time when they can help.  
  8. When dating Jamaican women tell the truth without avoiding intimate details. In Jamaica, it’s considered that if people love each other, they talk about everything. There are no forbidden subjects for them. 
  9. Don’t try to change your Jamaican bride. You should accept her as she is. If you don’t like something about her, just look for another bride – there are many of them on the dating site. 
  10. If you really dream of Jamaican dating and marriage, you should listen to the heart of your chosen one. Don’t pay much attention to the emotional outpourings of a temperamental woman – she’s tender and vulnerable at heart. 

Five main highlights about hot Jamaican girls

As you already know, wonderful tropical brides have a lot of advantages. However, one can point out the 5 most important features of Jamaican women: 

  1. The skin color. Dark-skinned women who are not afraid to expose their bodies to the sun look much healthier than pale brides from Europe or America.
  2. Indelible positivism. No problem, you remember?  Jamaican girls always smile, they are always happy and they love everyone. 
  3. The ability to be grateful. A Jamaican woman will be sincerely grateful to you for everything: gifts, good attitude and understanding. She will treat you the way you treat her. 
  4. The tempting bodies. Yes, there are many women with great buttocks in Europe and America, but sexy Jamaican girls have just unique curves.
  5. Amazing cleanliness. Jamaican brides are extremely scrupulous about the hygienic issues. They never reek of sweat, for they often change their clothes and wash themselves. Things are kept in order in the houses of Jamaican women. You’ll never find dirty dishes and dust on the floor there. 

How to be happy with a Jamaican woman? 

Don’t be afraid of cultural dissonance with a hot tropical bride. The most Jamaican etiquette rules are borrowed from European and American cultures. A man who dreams of a romantic relationship with such a lady should just adhere to the basic rules of decorum.

Here’s the main secret of happiness being together with a woman from Jamaica – if she marries you, she will support you and take care of you for life, but she will require the same from you.