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Japanese Brides

Mail Order Brides From Japan in Search of their Foreign Love  

Not many people knew that girls from Japan are very warm towards European men. The Japanese mail order bride adore all Europeans in common. In Japan, the real boom for everything western, including appearance. Many Japanese brides have surgery to artificially expand the eyes. The main reasons why Japanese women choose guys from outside their own country are character and mentality. What Europeans consider to be the norm of behavior for the Japanese is very strange and unusual, but at the same time very attractive. hot Japanese women like the fact that foreign men treat them like a lady. They give a hand, push back a chair, carry heavy things and if they walk near the roadway, then the man always goes near the road. For Europeans, this is nothing special, but in Japan almost no Japanese have these features. For a simple Japanese man, it’s normal to give his girlfriend heavy bags, and to walk alongside him lightly on the phone himself. Any man in Japan will first think about himself, and therefore already about his companion.

Japanese women also like the fact that European men take the initiative. Both in the process of dating, and during a relationship. In Japan, the rule is that the girl herself comes first and starts the conversation, and the man only waits patiently for some girl to turn her attention to him. But not all Japanese girls like this quality in their fellow countrymen. Hot Japanese women want to feel like a princess and be the center of attention, but they are not the center of attention of their partner.

They also appreciate that European men always keep their promise. If a man said that they will go to rest in mid-August, then they are really going to rest in mid-August. And the Japanese can postpone and carry the trip as many times as necessary. And in general, not much responsible for their promises. Well, one of the key advantages of European guys, over the Japanese – is attention. The Japanese treat their second half as a given. Simply put, they have no passion. In turn, men from Europe tend to devote a large part of their time to their other half. European men brag about what a wonderful wife they have, which the Japanese do not do at all. And for these reasons, Japanese girls treat Europeans with such trepidation and love.

How do mail order brides services work?

Distinctive Features of Japanese Wives Which Make Foreigners to Adore Them

One Japanese man described women in Japan as follows: “In appearance, they are quiet, like mice. But you can not believe – very, very strong”. Japanesse brides are woven of contradictions, but they wonderfully combine femininity and strength, assertiveness and gentleness, pragmatism and romanticism. And their shortcomings easily overlap the advantages that they always seek to develop.

  • The main advantage of a Japanese woman is femininity, in which both wisdom, and sensuality, and strength of mind. At their core, they are patient and peaceful, but this does not prevent them from becoming goddesses of war when danger threatens them or their loved ones;
  • Japaneese brides have common sense, pragmatic intelligence and a keen need for harmony of the surrounding world. They value in people objectivity, constructiveness and ability to keep their word, because they consider these qualities as the main ones and strive to develop them in themselves;
  • They are perfectly able to keep themselves. Their behavior is always modest and decent. They are by their nature charming, charming, with great skill and knowledge attract attention to themselves;
  • With fury they cling to everything that they consider their personal property – to a loved one, acquired movable and immovable property, to any thing that belongs to them;
  • Japanese wife will never answer rudeness to rudeness. She will move away from what is happening and wait until her husband calms down. Only then the Japanese woman will inquire about what caused this behavior.

Japanese woman hates breaking relationships For her, every gap turns into a very difficult stress. In family life, Japanese women are usually happy. Taking care of the welfare of their half, children. It is difficult to find a hostess better than she: everything shines in the house, the food in the fridge is tasty, and dirty dishes in the sink simply do not appear.

Japanese Wife – is a Role Model

Japanese etiquette is built on a respectful attitude to the age and status of the interlocutor. Preservation of politeness in any situation is not just a good tone, but a national peculiarity of etiquette in Japan. Modesty and restraint in the expression of emotions – the main Japanese virtues. At the heart of religion laid several rules that help to find harmony. To live in peace with others and yourself, you need to honor your family, traditions, keep your body and spirit clean, and take care of nature. Whatever country of the world a Japanese woman leaves, she always adheres to rules of behavior of her native culture:

  • It does not need to be frank sluggish, so that everyone knows that you do not need to get involved. This applies to assertive colleagues, bad roommates, impudent people at a party, etc. If you respectfully, with a smile on your face and a drop of impudence, explain “why something is wrong”, it will be much more effective than shouting;
  • She is very attentive to those around her – she will never leave her shoes in the middle of the doorway, through which roommates will stumble, and will also avoid long loud telephone calls in public;
  • Much attention is paid to appearance and especially manicure. Japanese woman for marriage can be dressed in a gorgeous dress, make an exquisite hairstyle, but if she has chipped nail polish, with the same success she can go out in sports pants. You need to wear it properly or not wear at all, because the varnish is consistent with the appearance of the woman as a whole. It’s easy to let your appearance recede into the background, among other priorities, work, responsibilities, etc., but Tom Ford somehow wisely said: “Dressing well is a sign of good manners”;
  • A Japanese woman is always courteous – according to one of the dictionaries, the word “courtesy” can be defined as “marked by kindness and politeness; characterized by charisma, good taste and generosity of the spirit “. You can practice courtesy in every aspect of your life, from courteous behavior with a guy who invited for coffee, or giving time to help a stranger. The Japanese have a golden rule – you should always treat others the way you want them to treat you.

Personal Space is of Great Value to Japanese Women

Personal space, even in a love relationship, is very important in understanding Japanise brides. Its presence suggests that partners respect each other. A man and a woman, no matter how much they love each other, cannot be absolutely the same in everything. Where their views and interests converge, they can be together. But where they do not agree in opinions or desires, they can allow each other to keep their personal space. Japanese singles and even married ones devote time and attention to themselves – that’s how they have been raised since childhood. They do what they are really interested in. They can also keep certain secrets that do not affect family life. Personal space is not the absence of trust or the concealment of important information for the Japanese. Personal space is like a corner in a house where no one can go except the person to whom it belongs. In Japan, considering it normal if a man has his own closet where a woman will never look in. No matter how dirty and dusty it is, whatever mess there is going on, and a woman should not touch it. This will be a manifestation of respect for the personal space of men. The woman also has a little corner where a man will never stick his nose. So no matter woman is keeping there, he husband does not fit into this space, does not dictate his own rules, does not dispose of the territory. The Japanese are confident that when a person has a personal space, he has the opportunity to relax, solve many issues, and to do so in such a way as to preserve a love relationship with someone who does not impair his freedom.

Family Orientation is the Main Advantage of Japanese Women

Despite the demographic modernization – the further emancipation which many women are seeking for, the expansion of the fan of their vital roles, the later marriage and the spread of unregistered unions, the family remains a key value for beautiful Japanese women. Today, for many Japanese brides, happiness is associated not so much with love, family and children, as with the “subjectively experienced psychological state of fullness of life.” The relationship of a man and a woman is only one “ingredient” of this recipe.

This means that the family begins to be perceived by pretty Japanese women as an institution that provides, above all, psychological, everyday comfort and finding common language with every member of the family. Although the quality of family relationships for married and single Japanese women is not the most important thing. A happy family does not always mean cloudless relationships, many Japanese women say. In this case, a happy family is not identical with happiness in personal life, which turns out to be wider. Rather, a happy family is a “project” that a person carries out throughout life, along with, for example, self-actualization. For most Japan single women, a happy family is associated not so much with ideal relationships and satisfaction with sex life, as with centuries-old family values ​​that imply joint housekeeping and survival in a difficult world around and raising children. It is because of historically established traditions that Japanese women gladly fulfill their duties:

  • housekeeping (cooking, maintaining order, etc.);
  • activity (the wife is not obliged to provide for her family and work, but should have a passion not to get bogged down in everyday life);
  • parenting;
  • husband’s emotional support;
  • maintaining the moral character of the family.

The Role of Education in the Life of Japanese Women

Meet japanese women is a real luck. All Japanese are very educated and well-read people, including women. The Japanese have their own view on the issues of education. If raising a woman is raising a whole family, then how can the importance of education be specifically for a woman? After all, she can pass on to children only what she possesses. These are not only the words and prescriptions that she teaches them consciously, but also her behavior, manner of communication, lifestyle, complexes, values, etc. Education is not just a set of knowledge, but primarily the ability to act effectively in different situations. With the expansion of knowledge the inner world of a person is enriched, he learns wisdom, the ability to be prosperous, to be sincere with himself and others. Pots, diapers, rags will never give a woman the inner wealth that good books and useful knowledge can give her.

Many see education as a waste of time, a set of smart books, intellectual pursuits. Behind the facade of education, such people do not see the main thing – that benefit and grace, which is associated with the search for knowledge, they do not notice the wisdom that helps the same person to follow the right path without making mistakes that the ignoramus do not shun. For a Japanese woman, education is an opportunity for personal development, spiritual growth, and moral enrichment. Such a woman cannot be manipulated, such a woman will not allow herself to be humiliated, such a woman will not tolerate injustice and accept the lie. But on the other hand, for a noble and highly moral person, such a woman is the most desirable and reliable support (even concerning money earnings), faithful companion of life and a good ally.

The Way of Impressing Japanese Mail Order Brides 

You can use specialized Japanese dating services or online marriage agency to get acquainted with Japanese girls. After you make contact it is important to think about the first dating. In the summer, parks are perfect, be sure to take some bread and feed all the animals living there, it’s practically free and almost certainly she will like it. Try to avoid overly active recreation, unless you are sure that your girlfriend, for example, is a fan of bowling or mountain skiing. Lunch in nature is a great way to spend time, if suddenly your girlfriend is cold, do not be lazy to take off her jacket and throw it over her shoulders. The cold will have to suffer, and the gesture will turn out beautiful. Now you can not hesitate to say compliments, Japanese men are rather mean to them, and this will show you in a favorable light.

  • Invite her to visit your house. The Japanese usually do not go to visit, so, tired of walking in the fresh air and gatherings in a cafe and restaurant, try to invite the girl to his home. On the pretext of dinner, which you yourself cook. For a Japanese mail order bride, this is very romantic. Just do not turn dinner at your home into an attempt to drag her into bed, it is much more important that she likes to visit you, so do not be lazy to clean the apartment before her arrival;
  • Presents. No need to try to get the girl’s favor with expensive things, because in Japanese society it is highly desirable to respond to an expensive gift with the same or even more valuable, otherwise the gifted will be very obliged to the person who gave it. You should not embarrass a girl with expensive jewelry or things. It is best to give the following things:
  1. Flowers – Let it be a bouquet of scarlet roses, white or yellow flowers can cause the wrong associations. By the way, the Japanese have no problems with an even or odd number of flowers in a bouquet. In addition, the flowers in Japan are quite cheap;
  2. Sweets are a wonderful gift, especially if you are returning from any trip, be sure to bring your girlfriend omiyage (souvenir) in the form of a box of chocolates and present her during Japan date;
  3. Stuffed toys – girls all over the world love them, and Japanese women especially. Buy something pink and fluffy, and the excitement is almost guaranteed.

Concluding the review: remember, a donated $ 20 rose can do more for your relationship than a $ 2000 earrings.