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Mexican Brides


At the end of the last century, millions of TV viewers across the whole world watched the Mexican TV shows with bated breath. Actresses seemed incredible beauties. They had amazing skin, terrific tan, long, beautiful eyelashes, luxurious, thick black hair. Now any of you can visit Mexico and see how beautiful Mexican brides really are.

Despite the cheerful and good-natured character, Mexican women are most known for their remarkable determination, their independence and pride. And as they say – it can be seen with the naked eye. They are initiative, and if some man has attracted the Mexican mail order bride, she will give him signs and start flirting with him.

Mexico is turning into a “country of women” today. Because of high unemployment, the majority of men go to work in the neighboring US in order to ensure the existence of their families. That way they put up Mexican women to a real challenge, because they have to raise children themselves, while men do not appear at home for years. And then the Mexicans, in addition to the standard female set (washing, cooking, cleaning) have to look for ways to earn a livelihood. Therefore, as in an average Mexican family of four children and more, women have a hard time. However, they still manage to cope with their tasks with dignity.

How do mail order brides services work?

This situation in Mexico has led many senorites to start thinking about their future. They seek to get a higher education, a prestigious job. The role of the mother of the family and the housewife today does not seduce anyone. The women of Mexico have become proud and independent. They pay the bills for themselves. For example, if you try  to pay for a Mexican woman in a restaurant, it will really offend her.

Today Mexican women do not just have their business, and there are scattered only within their homes. They create special women’s societies designed to help and support women who have fallen into difficult life situations. Together they organize and spend general holidays, they rest together after exhausting work.

What You Need to Know About Mexico

Mexico is a country with a rich and interesting history. Once the Aztec and Mayan civilizations flourished here, and today Mexico is ready for tourists from different countries of the world to study it’s great culture.

The sights of Mexico are numerous cultural and historical monuments that contain the rich heritage of this country. Excursions in Mexico will allow you to explore the most significant of them. For example, this is the sacred city of Chichen Itza with the Pyramid of Kukulkan or Crocown Park with giant crocodiles. The extraordinary beauty of cultural monuments and remnants of a rich history will fill your holiday in Mexico with unforgettable impressions.

Diving enthusiasts are invited to numerous diving centers, most of which are located on the island of Cozumel. This coral island has a coastal line with a rich marine flora and fauna, which creates excellent conditions for enjoying snorkeling. Here beginners can master the dive and get a lot of impressions by professional scuba divers.

Holidays in Mexico can be the most diverse: from enjoying the sea water and the warm sun to active sports and night parties. The beaches of Mexico – Cankuna, Acapulco, Riviera Maya, have all the conditions for a relaxing holiday. And with the onset of the evening, many resorts in Mexico are immersed in incendiary parties filled with music and dancing until late at night.

To make the tourists even more comfortable there are numerous unique hotels in Mexico. They are presented in various categories and price options. Therefore, everyone can choose the accommodation in accordance with their preferences and depending on the range of services and entertainment that the hotel offers.

Young couples come here to celebrate their wedding in Mexico. Resorts in this country have a romance feeling and create ideal conditions for the newlyweds. The wedding ceremony in Mexico will leave unforgettable impressions, because this country has excellent climatic conditions, beautiful nature and magnificent beaches. For honeymooners, hotels can offer special conditions and services.

Tours to Mexico is an opportunity not only to enjoy a beach holiday, learn more about the history and culture of this country, but also to meet a fascinating Mexican bride. Dressed in a sombrero and poncho, only here you can feel the spirit of ancient civilizations. 

How do Mexican Brides Look After Themselves?

If you visit Mexico, you will be pretty surprised, because local women barely use any cosmetics. Here are the main reasons why it is as it is:

  • The first reason is the climatic conditions. In the south of Mexico there is a tropical climate, that is, even in winter the temperature does not fall below +20 degrees. In the summer the thermometer shows + 30−35. To have a beautiful, even tan, it is not necessary to lie for hours on the beach. It is enough just to live in such a climate and have a normal life: do everyday activities and go swimming on occasions;
  • The second reason is gastronomic features. Proximity to the ocean allows you to eat the freshest seafood, which is very useful: fish, lobster, shrimp, mussels, octopus. They have a high content of iodine, which is part of the thyroid hormones and is necessary for health and beauty. You might say that anyone can also buy seafood in stores and markets, but there is a big difference between the fish that was caught this morning and the one that flew half a day on the plane, even if it was chilled, and not frozen;
  • The third reason for the natural beauty of Mexican girls is the use of simple but effective “grandma’s recipes.” Here are some of them:
  • If you mix honey, oatmeal and some lemon juice, you get a great face mask. The skin will be soft and silky;
  • As a nutrient for the face, you can use a banana or strawberry. It is necessary to knead a third of the banana with a fork and apply the mixture to the face. The same can be repeated with strawberries;
  • A mixture of lemon juice and sugar will be the perfect exfoliating hand remedy that will give your skin a soft feeling.

Some types of exotic fruits are not only useful and have an unforgettable taste, but are also actively used in Mexico for the preparation of cosmetics and body care products. Avocado is especially popular. Its extract, for example, is part of the carcass. This mascara makes eyelashes longer, but at the same time it looks very natural. There are also different oils made Also on the basis of different fruits. For example, the oil of the same avocado has long been used for different purposes: as a nourishing agent for the skin (it becomes softer, recovers after burns), as a mask for hair (accelerates their growth and makes it thicker), as a means to strengthen the nails.

In addition to the “grandmother’s recipes”, modern Mexicans use different professional means for face and body care. As a rule, all women go to salons for manicure and pedicure and, of course, for spa treatments. Peels, wraps, massages, masks and jacuzzi – Mexican brides can’t resist. It happens that girlfriends get together and spend all day in the spa. Unfortunately, not all of them can afford it.

In such a climate, when most of the time of the year is hot, the skin of the residents of Mexico needs special care. Most of them use moisturizers, and in their handbags there is always a place for thermal water. Going out for a long time, they will certainly apply sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Mexicans, like all Southern women, have dark skin, dark hair and brown eyes. People with such skin usually tan very well, have a beautiful chocolate shade, rarely burn. Despite this, they do not allow themselves to lie for hours on the ocean.

Afternoon beach life subsides, and you can see only tourists hiding in the shade of umbrellas or palm trees. When it’s bout 4–5 pm, Mexican brides get back to the beach, because that’s when the sun is not so harmful. 

How do Mexican Brides Dress? 

When the day is over and there is a party or a solemn event, Mexican women use the services of a makeup artist.  Mexican brides don’t just use mascara with lip gloss. but also shadows, pencils, eyeliner, blush – everything that makes girls brighter and emphasizes their individuality. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the services of a makeup artist. If that’s the case, girlfriends gather at someone’s home and help each other with makeup and hair.

Mexican women have a special style of dress. It is worth remembering their national costume – a flying white dress with prints and flowers in the hair. Only a few of them dress like that nowadays, but in everyday life it is often possible to meet a girl on the street in a light flowing skirt or dress and sandals. In hot weather, they naturally prefer to wear natural fabrics and flat shoes.

Gathering in the evening in a restaurant or just in a movie with friends, the girls are transformed beyond recognition. When the heat subsides, they can afford bright makeup, hairstyles, heels and extravagant dresses. Mexican brides like to emphasize their figure: deep neckline, mini, open back, cuts and tight-fitting things. They are not afraid of bright colors and experiments. Mexican brides look very natural at afternoons, being in light, flying dresses (or jeans), almost without makeup, with collected hair. In the evening they fully transform and it’s pretty hard to recognize them. Mexican lady turns into femme fatale, with shiny black flowing hair, in a dress that emphasizes the figure and makes it more sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. In Mexico, there are only 1 man for 7 women, so they have a very big competition, but most of the time lose it to foreigners. 

Why do Mexican Brides Want to Marry Foreigners? 

Women in Mexico, just like elsewhere, very much want to get married. After all, being married here is considered much more prestigious than being single. However, Mexicans want to get married successfully. They want the man to be rich, successful, smart, handsome, loyal, and loving. Foreigners fully fit the description. Besides, there are just not enough Mexican men for all the Mexican beauties, so foreigners are obviously the primary choice. They especially prefer guys the Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden, Finland, Norway. Children from such marriages are incredibly beautiful. 

What is Great About Mexican Wives?

  • They adore all sorts of celebrations. They celebrate both national and religious holidays, most of which are borrowed from the United States. This is perhaps the second country in the world after Russia with so many days off.  All holidays are necessarily celebrated in the family circle where you will find absolutely everyone: parents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. There are at least 20-30 people. About 300 people gather at weddings, and 100-200 at anniversaries. Mariyachi are also often invited to the holidays. They are musicians performing typical Mexican music. All of this speaks to how much Mexican brides love life, so you will never get bored with them;
  • Mexican brides have great respect for their parents and the older generation. The family traditionally represents the main life value. They try to marry once and for all life, despite family problems and troubles. The mother of the family plays an important role in the family structure, both the husband and children also listen to her word;
  • It should be noted that despite the numerous problems in the country, the high level of poverty and crime, Mexican women are very positive and cheerful. They always greet you with a smile, embrace and kiss when they meet and say goodbye. They don’t like talking about problems, and if they do, they talk about them with a smile. Even very poor people can appreciate what they have. The words “stress” and “depression” are rarely used in this country. Even their holiday “Day of the Dead” is positive. They not only remember the dead, but also celebrate their own life;
  • A huge number of immigrants from Russia, the USA, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world live in Mexico. Not to mention tourists and temporary residents. People are attracted here by a relaxed and relatively cheap lifestyle, a warm climate and the ocean. Mexican brides themselves are friendly to them, always ready to help, show sights, talk them to a party or spend time together. They willingly ask foreigners about life, about the country, and its traditions;
  • Mexican women have no secrets from the family, friends, or their husband. They are willing to share news and events of their personal lives. However, they do not condemn each other. They are always happy to help, support, laugh and cry with you. Their loyalty and sincerity is really something;
  • Mexicans always do something with their own hands and sell everything that can be sold. Here, many people work for themselves: they cook, bake, make sweets, make souvenirs and jewelry, sew clothes, knit, embroider, weave beads, and then they sell it all at markets and streets. This is great to know for foreigners, because they can be sure that their wife knows how to cook well and will never leave her husband hungry. Another great thing about Mexican women is that they always find time for self development, and it doesn’t matter how busy they are. They always set goals for them and try to become better every day.

Places to Look for Mexican Brides

If you are already in Mexico, you can visit a few interesting places, such as:

  • Mexico City has one of the largest beauty exhibitions in North America- Expo Beauty Show. A lot of people visit it annually. There you can not only get acquainted with the latest innovations in the field of perfumery and cosmetics and all kinds of body care products, but also meet a lot of beautiful ladies. It’s a great chance to get acquainted with a gorgeous Mexican bride;
  • If you are going to Cancun, be sure to visit the SPA at the Hilton Cancun Golf and SPA Resort and learn all the secrets of ancient civilizations for body care. Mayan massage based on rosemary, as well as chocolate or coffee wraps are especially popular. First you get an invigorating massage using distilled tequila, then a wrap from a mixture of aloe vera and agave. You can meet a lot of cute girls there, or make a good gift for your girlfriend: an empty beach, the sound of waves and relaxing music … paradise begins somewhere here.

If you are shy, then you can try to meet to find your Mexican love online. You can try one of the following services:

  • Dating agencies. This is probably your best bet if you want to find the right match and do it quickly. One such example is Mexican Cupid. It’s a professional agency that does everything possible to help you find your love. Professional translators, photographers, and lawyers work there, so you probably realize how serious it is. The great thing about dating agencies is that there are only top tier girls there. If the girl is not attractive, not educated enough, or has some other problems, then the dating agency will not accept her candidacy. You get to choose only the best girls. Obviously all of this will cost you some money, but finding yourself the right wife is the most important thing in the world;
  • Dating sites. There are numerous dating sites that will let you search for your love, like Amigos. You could also try apps like Badoo, Tinder, Chispa, and others. They will help you find a girl nearby and have some fun depending on what you are looking for;
  • Social networks. Mexican brides love sitting in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others. This is a great choice, but be ready to waste some time, because not all of the girls sitting there are looking for relationships;
  • Dating tours to Mexico. If you like everything about Mexico and its girls but you still didn’t get to visit it, then go on a dating tour. You will get the chance to stay in the country for a few days and meet with wonderful Mexican brides.


Mexican brides combine their beauty with great character traits, which is an ideal combination for any man.