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Polyamorous Dating Sites

They say that it’s better to multiply love rather than divide it. This opinion is fully supported by the adherents of polyamorous dating. Their experience refutes the stereotype about the perniciousness of love triangles and polygons. On the contrary, they prove that “two plus more” is the optimal formula for a strong relationship. 

For instance, a woman confesses to her husband that she loves another person apart from him. And a man agrees to establish a triple union, encourages his wife to cheat and sometimes even helps her to look for new partners. Such a unicorn husband is not jealous. He gets satisfaction from the fact that his beloved woman interacts with other men both sexually and emotionally. What’s more, he joins this alliance. This is polyamory. 

A romantic relationship built in such a way that partners complement each other is what users of polyamory dating sites are striving for. Polyamorous people argue that couples in monogamous society suffer from emotional disunity and fail from destructive phobias and passions. In their opinion, there’s only one cure for all these ulcers, that is, polycomponency in relationships.  

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What is polyamorous dating: features and bonuses 

Polyamory requires openness and honesty, full recognition of each partner’s independence, the refusal to encroach on his/her soul and body, the respect of one’s personal boundaries. It becomes the best inoculation against illnesses of traditional couples – jealousy, fears, love madness and emotional dependence.  

A polyamorous relationship doesn’t mean group sex or swinging. It’s primarily a romantic relationship with more than one partner. Sexual contact is not the only basis of such an alliance. This is a love relationship with two mandatory components, erotic pleasure and care for each other. These alliances include all kinds of classic liaisons between two partners. There’s a polyamorous ethic that protects a relationship system from promiscuity. 

All users of a polyamory dating site should adhere to the following values:

  • commitment and reliability; 
  • honesty and respect (people play with open cards here, they don’t hide any relationships from their partners);
  • a complete renunciation of ownership of a partner whose romantic relationships with other people are regarded as enriching his/her life and under no circumstances are a threat to the primary liaison.  

People who come to a polyamorous dating site are sure that it’s the love polyhedron that can save the family bonds from destruction. After all, the relationships of secret lovers who are monogamous are accompanied by an orchestra of jealousy, resentments, vain expectations and pain of the spouses who have learned about the liaison, the partition of property and other sufferings. The polyamorous relationships are a string quartet performing a quiet melody of love.    

Poly dating is a guarantee of high quality of love

The specialists of the faculty of psychology at York University studied two parameters characterizing romantic relationships – sexual satisfaction and a sense of responsibility in a couple. The researchers analyzed questionnaires of 2,183 partners who were in monogamous relationships and compared them with data obtained from questionnaires filled by those who had polyamorous experience. As a result, it appeared that polyamorous people experience a more complete sexual pleasure but also a deeper sense of intimacy than people who have only one partner.

The German researchers observed 15,000 family people in the course of 4 years and found out that traditional marriage is fraught with personal changes of spouses. Newlyweds are characterized with extroversion, openness, self-control and the ability to forgive. However, over time, married life kills these traits. After a divorce, these qualities tend to return. In polyamorous relationships, on the contrary, people become more friendly, open and happy. 

Polyamory as a tendency: poly dating sites

In contrast to the 90s, when polyamory was observed in subcultures only, nowadays it’s becoming a trend. In 2003, nearly 100,000 polyamorous people were found in the USA, and in Germany, this figure amounted to 10,000 (roughly the same number of polyamorous people was registered in other European countries). Many celebrities have admitted to polyamory. The German film director Dieter Wedel, American actor Will Smith and British actress Tilda Swinton are among those who are adherents of polyamory. 

Polyamorous dating sites help meet a partner who is not a supporter of a traditional nuclear family. Below you may find the review of the most popular services of this kind.  


Although this Internet resource doesn’t belong to narrow profile polygamy dating sites, it has a significant database of customers amounting to more than 40 million people. As for popularity, this platform can give odds to any special polyamory website.  The statistics of acquaintances made with the help of Match is just amazing. Besides, it has a tremendous number of successful marriages. Such results witness the advanced system of selecting of perfect matches.  

Many people are attracted by the great set of free options which includes creating a profile, uploading photos, viewing of accounts of community users, using different filter opportunities, getting matches, attending events. 


On this global web resource for adults, as on a profile polyamorous relationship dating site, it’s quite easy to find several partners. Every day, nearly half a million people visit this platform, and their total number has already exceeded 2,000,000. The service provides each user with an opportunity of a free registration and reviewing the database of polyamorous people who have accounts here, and newcomers may enjoy the grace period during 3 days and additional 48 free hours.

The basic tariff can be extended for 3-6 months. It ensures the targeted search with dozens of filters, prompt feedback from the online partners by sending messages for starting a conversation, chat meetings and winks, as well as getting the most compatible matches. The multifunctional app may simplify the selection of suitable candidates significantly. It’s adapted both for Android and iOS. The site administration places profiles on partner services to increase chances of success. 

Polyamory Date 

This Internet platform bills itself as a poly dating site solely and has a huge customer base. Both singles and couples are welcome here, regardless of whether they want to have fun or expect to find a partner for a long-term relationship. Guests are invited to register for free creating a profile (a personal or a couple one) by using the video and get access to the video presentations of other polyamorous users. The premium membership on Polyamory Date guarantees the advanced search for 1/3/12 months with increased chances of success.  

Apart from a group and personal communication, there’s a video chat on this platform, as well as a possibility to exchange anonymous messages. One can read useful publications in the blog such as recommendations about the polyamory date. This site for polyamorous people has a user-friendly interface, aesthetic design and the effective search system. The only downside is the lack of polyamorous dating app. 


If you’re looking for open relationship dating sites, don’t pass by OpenMinded. On this site for polyamorous people, you can meet interesting and non-standard individuals and couples in a friendly environment. They may express their true desires freely without any fear of judgement or misunderstanding. This directness reduces the time needed for finding a suitable polyamorous partner. 

Exclusive blog information and invitations to private parties make up for the lack of video chat, tools for flirting and poly dating app. The set of available features like text chat, personal messaging, creating public and exclusive photo albums which can be viewed by people from the favourite list, blocking certain users – all this helps polyamorous partners find a common language. 


Unlike most other polygamy websites, this service has the impressive set of free options. Its users don’t spend anything on creating an account, viewing others’ photos, uploading of their own pictures, as well as communicating in the forum, adding someone to friends and flirting. The gallery on the main page is available to each member. Those who wish to expand the range of services have an opportunity to renew their membership. 

Thousands of active users are registered on this site. They are ready for different options of polyamorous relationships. Each of them is granted a chance to select a perfect partner (s) as for appearance, ethnic origin, age, gender, region, religious beliefs, education and even income level.  

Polyamorous Passions

Joining the community of this Internet portal promises an exciting pastime for people who are not burdened with prejudices. Registering on the site will allow you to start actively searching for like-minded polyamorous partners and communicating with them. All these features are absolutely free, members are only asked to define their wishes clearly.

The search system will allow you to see all members of the community and will regularly give you the most suitable matches. For establishing polyamorous contacts in online mode, one can use video chat, send text or voice messages. The administration blocks suspicious users quickly, and the paid version of the resource eliminates annoying ads.  


If you want to meet supporters of polyamorous relationships, the database and toolkit of  OkCupid won’t disappoint you. Every week, more than 50, 000 dates are arranged here, and more than 90 million alliances are created on this site annually. Apart from relationships status, OkCupid has the unique set of other identifiers including gender (22 variants) and sexual orientation (12 types) of polyamorous users.

The confidential atmosphere of the web service is comfortable for people who have different views on love. Its advanced algorithm takes no less than a thousand requests of every polyamorous user into account and, as a result, it finds those who really need each other.  The communication of members is simplified with a mobile application. Polyamorous users may chat in the blogs and share their own success stories. 


This online community brings together adherents of polyamorous relationships from all over the world. The basic services are rendered for free. They are registration on the platform and viewing the user base. A monthly fee is required for approaching a contact and responding to messages (apart from the first one). 

There’s a comfortable atmosphere on the site. You can count on understanding, help and education on all questions of polyamorous lifestyle. The confidentiality policy allows members of the community not to identify themselves by using an internal email and creating their database of favorites. For the same purpose, the administration doesn’t share the data of the customers with other sites. 


This service presents itself as a social network rather than as a dating site. In 2017, it had an audience of about 6 million people. All polyamorous users are offered a chance of creating their own fetish groups. 

When setting up an account, members of the community may indicate to which group they belong, as well as sexual status and preferred roles. All profiles are carefully checked. Every polyamorous user receives information about friends’ activities, besides, he/she can publish his/her texts, videos and photos and leave comments on the content of the other members. Even though membership on FetLife doesn’t cost a cent, videos on this service are only available for a fee.  

Plenty of Fish

Creating an account on this dating website is followed by the fascinating search for partners by 14 identities. Every user of POF has an opportunity to send personal messages including voice ones, exchange photos, pass tests for optimization of search through additional  polyamorous personals. 

The premium membership for 2/4/8 months will significantly expand the set of available features and may allow finding a soulmate among 100 million other users. Almost 90% of polyamorous members access the site with the help of a mobile application. The team of moderators ensures the protection of personal data and round-the-clock support.

Who’s involved in polyamory dating?

One can meet a variety of people in the ranks of adherents of polyamorous relationships. Most often they are 30-50 years old, although the number of 20-30-year-olds is steadily growing, as well as that of older people. 

The polyamorous community includes: 

  • 35.4% of men;
  • 49.5% of women;
  • 15.1% of transgenders and people who refuse to identify their gender. 

There are many educated personalities among them:

  • freelancers; 
  • health workers;
  • psychotherapists; 
  • teachers/coaches; 
  • artists. 

As for sexual orientation, the polyamorous community is represented by:  

  • heterosexuals;
  • lesbians;
  • gays;
  • bisexuals.

The hobbies of polyamorous people include: 

  • passion for science fiction and fantasy (many of them are fans of such writers as Heinlein, Rimmer, Starhawk, Bradley);
  • nudism;
  • vegetarianism; 
  • holistic medicine;
  • religious teachings (Tantra, Tao). 

A polyamorous person has the following features: 

  • good communication skills; 
  • a special commitment to honesty; 
  • sensitivity (polyamorous people are excellent masseurs and chefs) 
  • a desire for self-knowledge and personal development. 

Polyamorous personalities share common values and beliefs. They are sure that lifelong strict monogamy is a myth, and love without any borders is the secret of happiness. 

Tips for those who are on the way to polyamorous relationships

If you already have a family or a partner, it’s quite difficult to make the decision to move into a polyamorous liaison. Here are some recommendations for those who want to give up monogamous relationships. 

  1. Make sure that you have enough time and energy for a polyamorous relationship. If you overwork, you may end up feeling frustrated with your new partner (s). That’s why you should weigh all the pros and cons before you trust another person.
  2. Analyze your current relationship. Think about how manageable and healthy it is and whether new contacts can improve it. If you’re not ready to cope with jealousy, distrust and self-doubt, you have nothing to do on a unicorn dating site. Bringing another person into a toxic situation will increase the grade of suffering. 
  3. Imagine in advance how a polyamorous partner will fit into your environment. It’s important that your longtime partner/friend/husband/wife likes the newcomers, otherwise, you won’t avoid stressful situations. 
  4. Try to make a polyamorous relationship beneficial for each member of your group. You all should feel happy and calm. Your love should bring diversity, comfort and stability to your life, it must inspire creativity and intellectual labour, and give a sense of security. 
  5. Develop a clear model of future life in your mind. Imagine what you expect from polyamorous liaison. Think ahead about what your relationship will be like – sexual or romantic, long-term or temporal. Share these considerations with your partners, so that they do not become surprised because of your plans. It’s also useful for getting rid of castles in the air. 

Through deep introspection and objective assessment of the situation, you can make a reasoned decision. 


Polyamory is an attempt to solve the problem of a classical love relationship. Adherents of polyamorous alliances argue that a person cannot be monogamous for a long time. At some point, people fall into a trap of a moral duality. 

That’s why it’s more honest to enter into love relationships with several partners fulfilling certain obligations. Those who adhere to this principle consciously, have every reason to benefit from polyamorous relationships and enjoy them to the full extent.  

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