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Portuguese Brides
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Portuguese Brides

About Portugal

Portugal is one of the most inexpensive and fascinating places in Europe. The country has a rich nautical past, excellent beach resorts, brooding cities and landscapes surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields. This small country has always been a great place for new adventures. In Portugal, you are sure to find something to your liking. For example, you can go hiking in Caldeira das Sete Cidades (volcanic crater) or explore the vineyards of the Dour Valley, or you can just bask on the beach of the Algarve. The coastline of the country is blessed with magnificent beaches, which are among the most beautiful in the world.

There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, including the cities of Tomar and Sintra, the Belem Tower in Lisbon, the Church of Saint Clara in Coimbra. Most suitable place for a beach holiday is the southern region of the Algarve, where the swimming season lasts from July to September. 

The second you come here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the willingness of local residents to assist in any situation, combined with calm dignity, politeness and restraint, which is typical for Portuguese communication style. 

How do mail order brides services work?

Some other interesting facts that can be helpful during your trip to Portugal:

  • About 81% of people in Portugal are Catholics. Christianity came to Portugal in the first century, when it was the part of the Roman Empire. Most of the country’s traditional festivals and fairs have religious roots;
  • More than half of all wine corks in the world come from Portugal. The country is leading in the production and processing of cork oak;
  • The national musical heritage of Portugal is fado, which is the traditional musical style. Fado can be sung or just read to the music;
  • Almost half of the population of Portugal lives in two cities: Lisbon and Porto. The rest live in countless villages and small provincial towns;
  • The capital of Portugal is 25th in ranking of the best cities in the world;
  • Portuguese is the seventh largest in the world in terms of the number of speakers. The Portuguese made their language native to more than 260 million people;
  • Portugal is the main point of the European surf movement. It has the best surf schools here;
  • In Portugal, people have complex surnames consisting of two parts: the first is from the father, the second is from the mother;
  • Woman is the head of the family in most Portuguese families;
  • Portuguese bullfighting is significantly different from the Spanish. Firstly, in Portugal, a bullfight is called a torada, and secondly, they don’t kill the bull, because it’s considered a crime;
  • As of today, a third of the population of Portugal has no education;
  • Food in Portugal is one of the cheapest in Europe, and it’s high-quality as well;
  • Another interesting thing is that the principle of the seasonality of vegetables and fruits in Italy, France or Spain is almost completely absent in Portugal. That is because there is a unique microclimate on the island of Madeira. As a result, strawberries, pineapples, apples and oranges are available in the country all year round, and all fruits except mangoes are local.

Characteristics of Portuguese Brides

If you have never dealt with Portuguese brides before, then you probably want to find out what they are like. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics that are typical for an average Portuguese woman:

  • They really know how to make you laugh. This is something that is untypical for most women, but not for Portuguese brides. They have a good sense of humor and use it to their advantage. A lot of men fall in love with them not just because of their fantastic beauty, but also because they feel like Portuguese girls can be great friends at the same time. Foreigners want to live with a woman that understands them and knows how to increase their mood;
  • Judging by the fact that Portuguese women have a great sense of humor, you could probably make an assumption that they are positive minded. And that is true. Portuguese brides always have a smile on their face and are not used to complaining no matter how hard their lives are. They know that complaining doesn’t solve problems and use their problems as a motivation to get better. Men really value this quality, because they understand that such women will never argue about stupid stuff. They also understand that their Portugues love won’t leave them in a tough spot, because they are ready to overcome any difficulties;
  • Portuguese girls are very friendly. I’m not saying that it will be easy to win her heart, but you will have no problems making new acquaintances. They are totally fine with talking to strangers and even hugging them;
  • They are passionate lovers. Portuguese women are very passionate and love everything about sex. They really know how to pleasure a man and are always ready to try new things in bed;
  • No more expensive and unhealthy food from the restaurants. Dating a Portuguese lady, you won’t have to worry about food at all. Women from most European countries are great cookers in general, but Portuguese stand out, thanks to their fantastic traditional recipes. That being said, they will never leave their man hungry;
  • Marriage is very important for them. Portugal brides are very family oriented and that is also the main reason why they marry so early. Making a family is their life goal, and they will do everything they can to accomplish it;
  • They are great housewives. They are experts at keeping the home clean and tidy. Portuguese women don’t consider cleaning as work, but as a way to make their living place more comfortable. Another thing they do really well is looking after children.

Why are Foreigners In Love With Portugal Women?

  • Brown eyes, thick dark hair, beautifully tanned skin, should I continue? The beauty of Portugues mail order bride is just on another level.  The mix of Jews, Romans, Germanic, and Celts tribes has done the job. They are very feminine and foreigners dream of such women;
  • “Boring” and “Portuguese” are two antonyms. Foreigners want to be with a wise woman who knows how to keep up a conversation and share useful advice. And that’s exactly what Portuguese brides have in store for them.

Best Places to Look for Portuguese Women

Like I have already mentioned, Portuguese brides are very friendly, meaning that it won’t be hard to get acquainted with them. You can look for your love practically anywhere: on the street, in a bar, in a club, in a theater, and so on. However, there is one certain spot in Portugal that will significantly increase chances of finding your one and only.

If you live in Lisboa, then you should do your best to get to Rua da Atalaia. It’s a street with a bunch of happy people that are drinking and having fun together. To get there, you need to go to Baixa-Chiado metro station, then arrive to Bairro Alto, and finally reach Rua da Atalaia. The best timing would be around 9-11 pm during the weekend. Once you are there, be sure to visit the local bar and get yourself a drink. After that you can start looking for Portuguese women. You should have no problems communicating, because they are very socially open and most of them speak English good enough. 

Portuguese Girls And Why They are a Great Choice for Marriage

  • Portuguese girls are full of positive emotions and are always ready to try crazy things. They will teach you not only how to stay positive and steady, but also will show you how to look at your life from a different angle. They feel like they don’t have enough time to live a boring life;
  • Portuguese brides are hard workers with a strong character, which is what makes them fantastic wives. Despite being very family oriented, they are very independent themselves. That is also why they do a lot of male work, but never complain about it. Even if you will have to leave her country for some time, you can be sure that she will find a way to take care of herself.

What Cultural Peculiarities make Portuguese Brides So Unique?

  • Their way of looking at life and adventures. Portuguese women are all about adventures and exploring. It’s like they can’t sit still even for a minute, because they want to travel, go on new adventures, and enjoy life. They will for sure get you out of your comfort zone and will give a new meaning to your life;
  • Portuguese brides do their best to be hospitable and friendly. You will never feel yourself unwelcome in Portugal. If you already started dating her, then you can be sure that she will master your language. It’s very important for her, because she feels like understanding each other is the key part in the relationships.

Reasons Why Portugal Ladies Prefer Foreigners

  • Getting a legal abortion is a real problem in Portugal. Even though abortion in Portugal has been legal for over 10 years, it is very difficult to obtain a legal abortion up to this date. Legal abortion is only allowed in the first 10 weeks, and it’s nearly impossible to get it after. This is mainly due to their Catholic tradition. It really hurts the rights of a woman and leaves them no choice;
  • Domestic violence is a big problem. It happens and happens a lot, meaning that Portuguese brides are not protected very well. That’s why they want to move on to a better and safer place, where men will treat them with more respect;
  • It’s not easy to get a high-paying job in Portugal as a woman. This is another thing that hurts the rights of Portuguese brides and makes them leave for a better place;
  • Foreigners impress them with their care and amount of attention. Portuguese men take their women for granted and local women feel it very well, especially comparing to how foreigners treat them. Foreigners don’t understand how it’s possible to treat Portuguese brides with such astonishing beauty so poorly. 

Few Things to Keep in Mind Before Dating a Portuguese Bride

  • Portuguese women get married very early, especially comparing to other Europeans. They want to make a happy family at the young age and enjoy it till the rest of their lives;
  • Registering a marriage for them is not as important. They will gladly live with you even if you don’t get married;
  • They are very kind and polite, but it doesn’t mean that you can take it for granted. If you start showing disrespect, she will immediately let you know about it;
  • Portuguese brides really know how to have fun. If you don’t know how to enjoy life and always complain, then I would recommend staying away from Portuguese girls.

How to get a Portugal Woman to Like You?

  • Stay confident. It’s a very important rule that works with every woman without exception. Try to be as relaxed as possible and think about how beautiful she is. At the same time be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone who you actually aren’t, because if you do, she will figure out it with time and that will be the end to your relationships;
  • Learn more about her culture. If you do so, you will have a huge advantage right away. She will feel like her culture is important to you and will be impressed. You can also learn a few words in Portuguese to impress her even more;
  • Treat them with respect. Always. They want to be treated equally. Therefore, be a real gentleman and make her feel that she is important to you;
  • Be tidy. If you want to get a girl to like you, then you can’t look bad or smell terribly.

General Rules of Dating a Portuguese Brides

If you have already reached this stage and you are about to go on the first date with your Portuguese love, then you have all the chances to leave a good impression. To do this you should:

  • Choose the right place. This is very important, and at times can be just as important as your look and appearance, so don’t underestimate this factor. It’s better to choose a comfortable calm place for the first date. There is no need to go to an expensive restaurant just to make an impression. A cafe will be just fine;
  • Keep the balance. What I mean by that is don’t be too shy, but don’t talk non-stop either. Let her talk and participate in conversation. It will increase your trust in her eyes;
  • Pay for her. Not much to say about this. You always have to be a real gentleman and pay for your woman unless she doesn’t want you to;
  • Pick the right topic. Don’t talk about things that might not interest her or might sound offensive to her, like politics, religion, and so on. Try to make your conversation and interesting for both of you;
  • Be romantic. Portuguese women love romantic guys, who know how to surprise them.
  • Don’t mention sex. At least not on the first date. You will be impressed by the amount of things a Portuguese bride can do in bed, but be patient. She might lose interest in you if all you talk about it sex;
  • Talking about past relationships is not a good idea either. It won’t be interesting for her and might put you in a bad spot;
  • Be yourself. This is an important rule that a lot of people forget to follow. There is no need in lying to your Portuguese bride. Even if she won’t like the real you, there is no reason to lie, because everything will come up sooner or later;
  • Don’t say bad things about your family. Even if they deserve it. Portuguese girls love everything about their families and might not get what you mean.

First Signs That She Likes You

  • She keeps texting you all the time. This is a sign that she is really interested in you and wants to spend as much time as possible, even on the internet;
  • She wants to go on an adventure and take you with her. This also indicates that you mean something to her;
  • She keeps acting weird. If you feel like her behavior has changed and she can’t concentrate on anything she’s saying, then it means that you’ve made an impression on her and she probably fell in love.

Beauty of Portuguese Girls

Beauty for a modern resident of Portugal begins with pharmacy. It is the place where their favorite face creams are sold, including Vichy, ROC, La Roche-Posay, Avene, Lierac, and also Eucerin and Bioderma.

Make-up removal, cleansing, moisturizing, correction of imperfections, and a face mask at least once a week is an indispensable program for each Portuguese bride.

Sunscreen is a true year-round friend of every girl starting from school. They will never leave home without an SPF cream on their face and all exposed parts of the body and will never forget to update their sunscreen after each swim.

Beautiful, well-groomed skin without pigment spots is not the only advantage Portuguese women. Their luxurious, shiny, thick, dark hair makes all other girls jealous. However, they remain exactly that way until their owners decide to dye their hair into blondes. After all stages of lightening and painting, the hair noticeably loses in volume and luster, turning into tangled, barely alive, faded strands. 

Portugal women love their body, and therefore they perceive it as it is by nature. The Portuguese will not spend the whole salary on a new series of anti-cellulite products, will not do honey massage, because it is quite painful and leaves bruises. A local woman would rather buy a fragrant moisturizer for the body, that is a great care product.

The word aesthetics here is not associated with culture and art, but with beauty salons. 

It is also difficult to imagine a Portuguese bride who decided to spend the whole day in the spa. Such procedures are honored by women of mature age. An average Portuguese girl rarely goes to the spa, and if she does, it has to be a very weighty reason like a wedding. But all types of hair removal, body wraps and massage are in constant demand. 

As for makeup, the girls most apply moisturizing tinted creams, or powder, which is chosen carefully, giving preference to luxury brands.

They use dim gloss or balm with SPF for lips. They know how emphasize their lips very well. Black eyeliner or pencil, dark shadows and a couple of layers of mascara – and here it is, the southern beauty. Despite looking very beautiful and sexy with such makeup, it can’t be called vulgar at all.

The traditional look for a Portugal woman is jeans (year-round, only models are changed), boots or sandals (regardless of the season), a multi-layered top with several blouses and a maxi or micro bag.