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Serbian Brides

Serbian Brides Overview 

Openness and sociability are characteristic features of the Serbians. Many of them are beautiful. When they go out, the mood is often left out. The Serbians are very spirited and like to dance, which is quickly apparent when going out.

Women from Serbia are indeed very special. In this country, the ladies are in tune with their sexuality, their femininity and know their attractive charms. So it seems to be a true paradise for a man when he enters a kafana (a mixture of bar, beer garden and restaurant) where young, cheerful girls in short skintight dresses dance on high heels, sing and just have fun. The nice thing is that there is something for many tastes. Whether the cute blonde, an elegant brunette or the wild black-haired beauty, here men can find exactly the type they prefer.

Serbian women are among the most energetic women in Eastern Europe. Many men who are looking for an interesting and passionate partner want to meet a Serbian mail order bride. But which character traits are still characteristic of Serbian women? What is the mentality of hot Serbian women and what should be considered when flirting? 

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Features of Serbian brides 

After all, Serbia was once a multi-ethnic state and so the most diverse influences are represented. Nobody has ever heard of “Bodypositivity” and overweight women under 30 will rarely be found. The girls are also oriented since their youth to hot pop singers (or turbo-folk stars) and feel comfortable when they can make a fuss for a man. Perfume, make-up, outfit and underwear are therefore basically on-top. Social media is often used extensively to present itself and the local women know that there is strong competition around them.

Beauty and attractiveness are very important to Serbian women. Therefore, it is not surprising that they belong to the most beautiful women in Europe. In appearance, they are typically Slavic and slightly darker than the Russians. As a rule, they are dark-haired. However, there are also blond ladies, but much less common than, for example, in Germany or Denmark. They are a bit smaller compared to Central and Northern Europeans. They dress fashionably and form-fitting and attract all eyes to it. Many men are attracted to them. The sexy dress is the trademark of Serbian women, so to speak. For example, they like to slip into short skirts.

Serbs prefer to relate to their clothes informally. In everyday life they wear casual European casual clothing. However, the appearance in some places in sportswear can cause not just misunderstanding, but also cause a refusal to visit some public places. In particular, this applies to restaurants, cafes, official events. They also react in the country to overly open clothes, beachwear. Such outfits are considered inappropriate. Particularly noteworthy are evening dresses. When choosing them, the Serbs are repelled from the national costume. They generally treat him with special trepidation and respect.

When flirting with a Serbian woman, it should be noted that eye contact is very important in communication. If you want to win the hearts of these women, you must clearly express your interest. Who is with the Serbian woman and does this, should be just as self-confident and heartfelt. He also likes to take the lead. At night, when the party guests go to bars and clubs in Belgrade, the typical Serbian way of life awakens. Then people often laugh, dance and flirt. Now the chances of meeting a Serbian woman are high. Men should, however, be ready for a great temper when surrounded by a Serbian woman.

How to come in contact with Serbian women for marriage 

The family is at the center of attention of Serbian women, because everything revolves around kinship. They stick together because the blood in Serbia is actually thicker than water. Serbs are very hospitable. Every new family member is welcome. A Serbian woman cares for her husband with the same love. When a Serbian woman gets to know each other better, the whole family is there. That’s why she will not get bored. After marriage, it is very important for Serbian women that their partner is aware of their masculine role, as classical gender roles dominate in Serbia. They need a strong husband who takes responsibility.

By tradition, all significant days are accompanied by music. Often people sing them themselves, gathered at a large table. Do it at weddings, birthdays, and even at funerals. When a person is taken into a circle of close people, it is simply impossible not to understand. The meetings in this case will not be accompanied by a handshake, but by a kiss on the cheek, always three times. All Serbs are quite normal towards kisses at a meeting. These traditions do not mean anything obscene, even if two men kiss. Serbs keep the oldest tradition of fees. People gather in churches, public places and discuss something. To honor Orthodox traditions is as important for them as national ones. Serbs go to church, celebrate all church celebrations, honor the wedding rite and observe fasting.

When flirting with a Serbian woman, it should be remembered that eye contact is extremely important in communicating. Those who want to win the hearts of these women should clearly show their interest. Anyone who is with a Serbian woman and performs this should be equally confident and warm. He also likes to take the lead. At night, when in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, the party folk go to the bars and clubs, the typical Serbian way of life awakens. Then people laugh, dance and especially flirt a lot. The chances are good to meet a Serbian woman. However, the men should be prepared for a lot of temperament when they are surrounded by a Serbian.

What to expect from hot Serbian brides 

Serbian women are very open, sociable, lively and sociable women. They enjoy their life. However, it is not that the Serbs want to meet a man from Western Europe or USA for financial reasons. First of all, her personality and character should suit her and her lifestyle. There can be misunderstandings with the Serbian woman, as there are differences in mentality. These questions should be explained openly and honestly. This is very important for the ladies.

Final considerations when dating Serbian women online 

At first, as a foreigner, you will certainly find it easier to become intimate with a girl from Serbia than a local. Now you have significant advantages:

  • The girls like foreigners and are open-hearted towards them.
  • They love to be invited and for Western Europeans the prices in Belgrade are quite low. Here however the right measure should be kept!
  • The nightlife is diverse and the women love to dress feminine.
  • Masculinity is not condemned but is very well received. Women feel good when they have a strong guy at their side and they do not like soft toys. The Serbian women are doing nothing here. A softie can immediately pack with them and mercilessly sifted or exploited in the worst case.
  • The men also like to hang out with foreigners, are friendly and thereby give you status and new contacts. If you’re trying to compete with them, be prepared to land under the table, guaranteed. If you get along well with the Serbs, then you will be invited everywhere, but remember: the delicious rakija can be devilish. Ziveli!

Of course, there are also some things to consider:

  • The women are at first glance more loyal to their girlfriends. So if you flirt with a girl from the clique, the others will reject your advances.
  • If a girl introduces herself to other ladies, it may be that they are very interested in you and flirt with you. Consider this as esteem, courtesy, or gimmick of them, for it is not necessarily a sincere interest to understand.
  • Tradition still plays a major role in some places, and her reputation in front of friends, family and acquaintances is very important to her. If you want to make out with her, you should isolate her better or meet alone. Some young ladies still go to church here regularly and could expect that from you as well. 
  • If she invites you home to her family, bring everyone a gift. Bring something special like a bottle of Farthofer vodka or a good scotch for the father, sweets like Toblerone for her mother. Remember that even the father does not want a washcloth for his daughter, but a hardened guy who tolerates something
  • Housework is not announced. If you like to cook or do your dishes, then Western women are more your type. 

Serbian women are usually very self-confident and expect the same from the man they meet. He should meet her at eye level. Preferably a mixture of gentleman and macho. He should be strong-minded, courageous and assertive, but at the same time honest, understanding, deep and sensitive. The Serbian woman makes high demands on her future husband, but the majority of women in the country is quite straightforward and above all cares about a lot of harmony in relationships. The country has developed in many ways and has become more modern, but the classic role allocation still has priority.