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Siberian Brides

Meet beautiful Siberian women — the most attractive Russian brides

It might seem strange for some people, who live in Russia or in the ex-USSR countries, but most foreigners still associate Russia with Siberia and even this that it is the same thing. Of course, Siberia takes the largest part of the largest country in the world, and it is famous for its colds, but it has also gotten its fame thanks to beautiful Siberian women that are supposed to be strong, have a good health, work without rest and support their family even when a husband is close. Some of these statements are true, but there are also many myths about Siberian women and this part of the country. For instance, it is supposed that most Siberian singles including beautiful young brides drink much (alcohol, sure). It is not true. If you wish to learn more about these ladies and understand why pretty Siberian mail order bride decides to leave their land and start a relationship with a foreign man, build a family overseas, read this review.

How do mail order brides services work?

Siberian women for marriage — why do men choose them?

The beauty of Russian women is known throughout the world. The images of Russians are as diverse as the national flavor of this large country. And these differences are not only in appearance, but also in character, the formation of which was influenced by the way of life, religion, traditions, and culture — Siberian woman, for instance, are known for their great health and the ability to combine all activities, including work at home with their main job. For sure, many men choose Siberian mail order brides for these features, but there are also excited by other traits of character of these females and their activity as well. Beautiful Siberian girls inherited an independent character and an active life position from their predecessors. Today, they no longer need to conquer Siberian nature along with men, and the harsh nature of the region’s residents has become milder. Nevertheless, even the youngest Siberian brides pay little attention to their own appearance and are not particularly focused on fashion trends. Their priorities are solving social problems and raising children. The psychological type of the Siberian girl … it does not exist, but there are common features for them. For example, many are characterized by slowness and a tendency to doubt. These features are characteristic of provincial residents — here the pace of life is lower than in capital cities, so there is time for doubt. Modern Siberian girls are also distinguished by spontaneity, sincerity, selflessness, and love of life. These qualities help them move forward, regardless of difficulties. Siberian women no longer need to conquer the harsh Siberian nature. Now they are conquering the theater stages, places on sports pedestals and world podiums. They are so attractive that many men who are looking through a catalog of foreign brides in a marriage agency, show interest exactly to Siberian mail order brides.

 Why do women in Siberia differ from other mail order brides?

The difference between Siberian brides and ladies from other regions of Russia can be explained by the specifics of life in Siberia and its colds. The development of the region could not but affect the place and role of women in Siberian society. The most important features affecting the position of women were as follows: Siberia was a colonized outskirt and attracted all seekers for a better share, as well as people who did not want to come to terms with the rules that existed in the European part of the country. Throughout the 19th – early 20th centuries Siberia continued to be a frontier — a region of intensive colonization, which was manifested in the specifics of the social and national composition of the population, mentality, and the nature of the course of socio-economic processes. In addition, Siberia was a place of exile and hard labor.

The influence of these features on the position of Siberian women was quite contradictory, reflecting various trends in the development of regional society, which was reflected in the conflicting characteristics. The situation of women of other nationalities who came to Siberia from all over the multinational empire is interesting. Siberia has always been a place of ethnic contacts, due to which Siberian society was more tolerant and tolerant than in European Russia. Siberian women always differed from women in the central part of Russia by character traits and behavior. Siberian wives are more energetic, active, enterprising, and independent.

The role of women in the economic life of Siberia was quite significant: women were owners of a substantial part of real estate, were actively engaged in entrepreneurial activity, and became increasingly involved in social production. The lag of cultural development in the region of intensive colonization from the central regions of the country gave Siberians little opportunity to participate in cultural life, which was manifested, inter alia, in the low level of literacy and less accessible education for women than for men. Due to the significant level of tradition, the existing sex-role system assigned Siberian women, first of all, the role of mistress and mother, i.e., they are known still like those, who can build really good families.

Myths about Siberian women and mail order brides

There are many myths about beautiful Siberian women that turn to be real proved facts, where other ones remain real fairy tales. Let us check most of them.

Siberian Health

It is generally accepted that Siberian brides have special health, and they are much stronger than that of people in other parts of Russia. Really, statistics show that mortality due to cancer in Siberia is not as high as in other parts of the country. However, everything is not so simple. On the contrary, the severity of the Siberian climate negatively affects the health of Siberian women. Long nights in winter and short nights in summer lead to sleep deprivation, and frequent and prolonged exposure to cold can lead to exacerbation of chronic diseases (respiratory tract, blood vessels, joints), frostbite on the skin of the face and hands. It’s better for their health to live where the climate and daylight hours are optimal. Vitamin deficiency, when compared with those who live in more southern areas also plays a negative role. It can be assumed that people who lived from generation to generation in Siberia are genetically higher in stamina, but there is no evidence for this. Therefore, while the myth of Siberian health still remains a myth. It is one of the reasons why charming and strong ladies of this land decide to become Siberian mail order brides decide to apply to a marriage agency and why they are looking for a husband abroad, better in the countries, where the climate is milder.

Siberian language?

It turns out that even the youngest Siberian brides have their “special” dialect, called Siberian language. Simply Siberia is a huge area, where representatives of many nationalities have been living for centuries. There are many married pairs there, where the husband and his Siberian wife have different ethnic roots and speak different languages. Living together for years, they create their own dialect. For sure, all of them know Russian, and if you are going to find a Siberian bride through any trusted dating service, it will be better to start learning Russian (not so many Siberian brides speak the English language well).

Siberian brides are not like Russian brides

Is there a difference between the Russians of European Russia and the Russians of Siberia? 83% of respondents (and even in Russia!) answered in the affirmative. With clarifying answers, it turned out that the differences are recorded primarily in self-awareness, mentality, character traits and lifestyle. According to the respondents, women in Siberia are kinder, more trusting, more democratic, more sincere and unpretentious. It is believed that in European Russia people are spoiled by the benefits of civilization, softer and moody, subject to the influence of Western countries, often smug, heartless, vile, corrupt and greedy. Some respondents drew attention to the fact that residents of the European part of the country have a dismissive attitude towards Siberia (as a remote, wild, place of exile and hard labor) and Siberians (as rude, uneducated/uncultured people). The most common beliefs about Siberia include the following: “It is always cold in Siberia”, “Bears walk the streets there”, “There is no transport, no roads, and everyone walks or ride deer.” In reality, hot Siberian women are really a bit milder and kinder, and they almost always become devoted wives.

Why Siberian brides and women can become the best wives?

Russian is a huge country with a great number of girls of different ages who want to marry a foreigner. Here you can meet completely different types of beauties, but all of them are distinguished by their own appearance and the desire to look 100% in any situation. Educated and comprehensively developed Russians can become not only a good and affectionate wife, taking care of everyday life and comfort. They are quite ambitious, therefore, if desired, they can help in business or support their man on the development path in any field. However, Siberian brides are a bit different. They are simpler than many other ladies in this country, not as picky as many Russians from the south and the center of Russia (especially, Moscow and St. Petersburg), they are ready to support their husband and share with him all joys and troubles.

Many successful models come from Siberia. Brown hair, expressive big eyes, fair skin, and natural blush — the beauty of Siberian women is envied and admired all over the world! By the way, supermodel Irina Shayk was born in Siberia. However, Siberian women do not brag with their attractiveness and beauty and do not behave like “typical models”. On the contrary, they become the most caring wives and devoted mothers, ready to give birth for at least 3 children. However, in Siberia, there are not very close relations between relatives. Women there feel more independent than in the South of Russia, and they can decide whether to immigrate and marry a foreigner or not themselves: as a rule, no one presses them.

The features of Siberian brides

It’s difficult to say why, but Siberian women who have a special charm and attractiveness are the most beautiful women in all of Russia. The modern ladies living in Siberia are always impeccably beautiful, whether in the frosty winter or sunny summer. In the icy cold winter, the sensual, beautiful and delicate Siberian brides hide their bodies under warm fur coats.

Siberian brides are distinguished from their European sisters by a special romantic nature. They love to dream and believe in love for the whole life. They are ready to make great sacrifices on behalf of the family and their loved ones. Such traits are not so common in women today, and therefore they are much appreciated by men. Meanwhile, these Siberian brides are not so naive. If necessary, they will show their strong-willed nature.

It must also be emphasized that the Siberian women are considered innate housewives. The beauty of the female body exerts a special, magnetic influence on men. Siberian ladies are the owners of beautiful bodies. They have gorgeous, voluptuous breasts and curvy hips that embody Russian feminine beauty and sexuality in the classic sense. Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Tyumen, Tomsk and Barnaul are the birthplace of many famous Russian models, which shine on the catwalks of Milan, New York, and Paris. Of course, these girls are not so different from most typical Russian women, but they have some peculiarities that are not to be overlooked and should not be ignored.

The beauty of Siberian brides

One of the first things you realize when looking at Siberian brides is their stunning all of them look. Their beauty has even become a true legend. Even men who have traveled everywhere swear that they met the most beautiful brides exactly in Siberia. Siberian brides are blessed with beautiful faces and good shapes. Many Siberian beautiful brides have attractive long hair, a small nose, plump lips, and high cheekbones. Their own national characteristics consider them the most beautiful compared to the rest of the northern peoples. As a priority of Russian women from Siberia are considered a healthy appearance, rounded shapes, big breasts — all this makes a man trust in the ability of such a woman to give birth to beautiful healthy children


Another thing that will surprise you in any case when you look at the Siberian mail order brides is how diverse they are. Whether you’re looking for a blonde, a black-haired beauty, or a red-haired, you’ll find many brides that meet your expectations.

Modern Siberian women like conveniences, as do European women. Many choose a sport style in clothing and are generally enthusiastic about winter sports, especially skiing. Their behavior is characterized by self-confidence, restraint, and frankness. However, you can also find online Siberian brides, who will confess to you that they are the greatest home-sitters. Try to consider both opportunities when choosing your Siberian bride. Simply it depends on your choice as well. Some men like active women, whereas other guys prefer to have a real housewife at home. Siberian women will agree with both roles.

What makes the Siberians so sexy?

You share the admiration for women from Siberia with millions of other gentlemen. Many wish to meet a Siberian woman with a distinctive temperament and attractive appearance. Siberian brides are beautiful and confident. You might know great Siberian women as athletes, popular opera divas, charming actresses or ballerinas. Maybe businesswomen from Siberia are also known in the world, and they attract men not only with their intelligence but with their beauty.

How can you find Siberian brides online?

In the last 20-26 years, the lives of Siberian women have changed greatly. Thanks to the fall of the so-called “Iron Curtain”, the Siberians travel around the world and get a realistic picture of the advantages and disadvantages of other nationalities and their living conditions. The fact that Siberians are particularly interested in foreign men has not changed — on the contrary:

Thousands of Siberian brides would like to find a partner from overseas.

And many men in the USA and in Europe have a pronounced weakness for Siberian women, who are attributed to the erotic fire and strong sensuality. Siberians who compete for a foreign marriage candidate through dating agencies or are trying to make contact with men via online dating are very attractive. You will often encounter female offers from Siberia in the most trusted dating agencies. Due to the various possibilities to specifically search for partners in the net, getting to know the coveted Eastern Europeans is quite uncomplicated.

All men who register on an appropriate portal can draw attention to themselves and their preference for Siberian women with an appealing profile. So you have it in your own hands how quickly you can enjoy a flirtation with a woman from Eastern Europe who is looking for a partner.

You can go to Russia, Siberia, for sure, but it will be much better if you choose before at least several Siberian hot brides to visit them. When you come to Siberia, date with each of them, but try not to let them know that you are choosing from several women. It might seem not honest, but you can tell your chosen lady about it later when you both understand that you trust each other.

Before you decide to come to Siberia, talk to Siberian brides online. When you register in an agency, which is well-known for its good reputation and even anonymity, you can also start correspondence with Siberian ladies. It is not difficult now as even if a bride does not know English well, the translator from the agency will help her. Another cool and simple option is to use an online translator.

When starting a live chat with a lady, look at how she communicates and mark your favorites. It will simplify your search. In case, you are looking for some special Siberian bride (a doctor, a teacher, a dancer, a housewife), you can find her reading carefully profiles of all potential mail-order wives.