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Speed Dating

10 Tips Help You to Find Love at Speed Dating 

To find a soul mate is easy. An acquaintance in the format of speed dating has a great number of advantages: All participants of the evening of speed dating have a possibility to get to know each other personally. Thank this man or woman can immediately recognize a person who would like to meet further with. Psychologists say that 5-7 minutes is enough to create the first impression. 

Getting acquainted at the speed dating evening participants significantly save time. A few minutes of personal communication is comparable to long hours of correspondence over the Internet. The person immediately sees the candidate and understands whether to continue communication or not.

Do not lose the ability to find a couple by participating in just one or two quick dates. More than half of speed dating members continue communicating with their favorite candidate after the party. The likelihood that sympathy will be mutual is very high. And to increase this likelihood of meeting a couple in the evenings of such dates, read this article. From it you will learn what questions should be asked and how to answer when you have for everything about everything only 5 minutes.

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What Does the Speed Dating Look Like? 

A speed dating is also an opportunity to take a break from gray everyday life, get a charge of positive emotions, and find new good friends. Thanks to the variety of speed dating websites a person may find a suitable event. A person can also register on these sites for the upcoming date evening. 

At the speed dating evening girls sit at tables, men change from the table to the table. One rendezvous tete-a-tete lasts 5-8 minutes. The man`s task during this time is to impress the interlocutor and learn more about her. A girl on a quick date does not act a role of a passive listener. She must maintain a dialogue, and additionally turning on her natural charm in order to interest a potential gentleman.

At the end of the evening of acquaintance, each participant notes in the sympathy card (it is given at the entrance) those people who he liked with a positive sign. If pluses matched it is great! After the speed dating evening, such couples get the possibility to have a longer date. 

Noteworthy Speed Dating Sites is a website that connects hearts and helps to get rid of loneliness. Each person elder 18 years old can become a member and try to find a soulmate at the fast dating evenings.

A person may visit the site or register in the mobile application. Thanks to this, it is possible to keep track of when the next meeting in the format of quick dates will be. Register at a suitable time. Maybe exactly this time you will meet your soulmate.

This is a fun website that is adapted for fast search of speed dating places. Register here and you`ll get an ability to find a speed dating place for this weekend.

Hitting at the a website for quick dating, you will find yourself in a cozy, almost homely atmosphere.

There are a lot of websites where a person can register to real dating evenings. At member gets the possibility to acquaint with men or women online. Have a virtual speed dates. With it is possible. is a young fast-growing website that offers to find a soulmate in a halal way.

10 the Best Advices What to Ask on Real Speed Dating

At the speed dating during a short communication, the participant will understand whether it is worth continuing the communication, or the person in front of him is not the one definitely. Quick dates in this way save time on correspondence and nerves.

We also selected for you the most relevant advice what to discuss with your interlocutor at speed date:

  1. Family and childhood. Childhood memories that formed some habits. But the most important thing is that most are pleasantly reminded of their childhood.
  2. Funny stories from life. Interesting life stories are always interesting to remember.
  3. Pets: does your interlocutor love them, if so, which ones? Does he have any pets?
  4. Hobbies and interests. Tell your interlocutor what do you do if you have free time. What kind of rest do you like: active or passive? If his hobby is reading, ask what books a person reads. Discuss the filmography: what are your favorite films, genres that you would like to see in the near future. The music that you and your interlocutor are listening to.
  5. Cars. Tell us about yourself first, then ask your interlocutor if he or she is driving / not driving. Which car is ideal for the conditions of a big city, which one is better for a family?
  6. Learn about the taste preferences of the interlocutor. It is great when they coincide, and it is much more interesting to discover something new for each other in the gastronomic plan.
  7. Zodiac signs. How does the person is sitting in front of you relates to astrology and esotericism? 
  8. What is the ideal soulmate in your opinion? Gender roles in the family. What woman should do, what man should do. 
  9. The perfect daily routine. Tha lifestyle. You can ask to answer the question, how would a person see his last day of life.
  10. How the interlocutor relates to the holidays. Considers them as an occasion for a pleasant pastime or are these ordinary days for him?

Any acquaintance begins with a relax. Your interlocutor is worried no less than yours. The first smile and ask, how did he get on fast dating evening. After all, this topic is definitely common for you.

After you have removed the tension of the first minutes of awkwardness, talk about the interests of the interlocutor. At this stage, you will find not only common points of contact but also what can distinguish you in the future. This will give you food for thought: can you respect these interests or is this option unacceptable to you.

By the way, the questions about age are not correct. Do you seriously think that the question of age is so important in the search for true love? In addition, this question always confuses your potential partner, regardless of gender. There is not information that is interesting to learn in 6 minutes during the speed date.

A first date is always an exciting event. Try to make a good impression from the first seconds. As scientists have proved, we have only 35 seconds to influence the opinion of a stranger.


In the modern rhythm of life to meet your soulmate is not so simple. You can save a lot of time and get the desired result faster with the help of speed dating online services. Speed dating is an evening of acquaintances for intellectual and creative people. If you do not find like-minded visitors in the nightclubs and are tired of anonymous correspondence on dating sites, then speed dating will be a comfortable format for you!

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