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Thai Brides

What is So Good About Thai Brides? 

  • Thai brides are considered to be the prettiest among all of the Asian women, and perhaps one of the prettiest in the whole world;
  • One significant plus of Thai women is their body. Most of them have very thin bones and an elegant figure. If you will meet a Thai mail order bride who has already born 2-3 kids, you will barely notice the changes to the figure. Of course, just like in anything else, there are also exceptions, and there are also ladies who barely look after themselves. However, that’s a rarity in Thailand;
  • Another irrefutable fact is their youthfulness. This phenomenon is due to a special genetic bonus, due to which the nation is in no hurry to grow old. All of the Thai brides look like they use some sort of magic, because even women that are 40+ look like 25 years of age at most;
  • Most of the Thai brides have dark skin, but they don’t like anything about it. Unlike European and American women, who do everything possible to sunbathe and make their skin darker, Thai women do everything to whiten their skin. Therefore, all of the cosmetics in Thailand contains bleaching components. That being said, Thai women do not enjoy sunbathing and, in principle, avoid the beach. By the way, the whiteness of the skin determines the status of girls. The whiter the skin, the higher the class of the girl;
  • Thai and self-care are synonyms. They love either long hair or very long hair. To the delight of men, to the malice of enemies (European representatives). In a hot climate, you have to carefully care for your hair. Thai brides do not paint their hair. Their natural color harmoniously fits into the image, and they do not see the need to change anything. But for the gloss and silkiness they make no small effort;
  • Thai girls are into everything natural. Their makeup is always accurately executed and barely visible to a prying eye. Also, they are not shy to go out without makeup. But the skin must again be perfectly groomed. In general, it should be said that in Thailand it is customary to treat the temple of your soul, that is, the body, and do it very carefully and respectfully. And even the girls from the poorest families will crawl out of their skin to look decent;
  • It is a mistake to believe that Asian beauties have perfectly smooth skin from birth. The secret is that Thai women will not allow themselves to bare legs or other parts of the body, if the skin is not cleaned. Given the country’s climate, it’s simple. They have to include this in daily care. Otherwise, they will have to sweat in pants or wrap up in long robes;
  • The character of Thai girls causes many discrepancies. It is that everything single person is different, but it’s still worth mentioning a few things. If the girl is raised in a good family, then she will have a soft and calm disposition. She will also be polite and courteous. If a girl is from the lowest circles, then you can see such traits as greed, deception, cunning, and fussiness;
  • As a rule, Thai women are hard workers and, in any status, will work and create conditions for the husband. They are very humble and joyful with their husband. At the same time, their joy is not depicted;
  • Thai brides are also very loyal, so you can count on them and never be afraid of cheating. However, they expect the same from you, so if you lie, and decide to cheat on her, then the consequences will be terrible. She might cut off your penis in no time;
  • Thai girls are attentive and empathic. These girls are always ready to help, listen, understand and support sincerely. You can also count on useful advices that will help you in the future;
  • Thai brides always try to create comfort and do a great job in that regard. Thai home, even a poor one, always welcomes guests with comfort and homely warmth;
  • Thai girls are maniacs in terms of cleanliness. This applies to both personal hygiene and the territory in which you live or work. An average Thai can clean the house several times a day;
  • Thai women love white European-type of men very much – in Thai culture, European appearance is an unshakable ideal. Thai brides sincerely fall in love with their foreign husbands and are ready to give them their best qualities;
  • Thai wife will easily learn if not your native language, then English for sure. Just to make your communication with her more pleasant;
  • A sense of humor and good irony – is another advantage of Thai brides. You will never get bored with them;
  • Thai women are adherents of high morals and family values. Home and family are everything to them. Children will never stay hungry, dirty, or without attention. They are great moms;
  • Smart Thai girl knows how to please her man very well. They are very active in sex and they like to change poses and experiment a lot. That is another reason why foreigners love them so much.

How do mail order brides services work?

Why do Thai Women Choose Foreigners?

Safety and better life

A lot of Thai women already have a sad experience of relations with compatriots, so they turn their attention to foreigners in the hope that they will turn out better. Perhaps, in such cases, age, appearance and even body odor are secondary, the main thing is care and respect. Security in this case – not only financial stability, but also a reliable person nearby.


Like all of the women around the world, Thai women are looking for safety, comfort, pleasure. Taking care of their needs is the most important thing. If you will understand what your Thai girl really needs, you will never lose her.

Color of the skin

If a girl has Lao or Khmer roots, or for some other reason her skin color is darker comparing to other Thai girls, her children from light-skinned farang will look like most Thais. 


Universal rule: do not forget to wash, shave and brush your teeth before trying to impress someone. And don’t act like a jerk. 


Thai not only constantly take a lot of things from foreigners (money, attention, care, etc.), but are also ready to give them something in return. Therefore, they will be happy to cook, do the cleaning, resolve issues with Immigration, create comfort, make love and much, much more. In some cases, the helplessness of farang can be very helpful, because he is unlikely to want to quickly part with his girlfriend and be left alone with his problems.

Some of the Thai men are disrespectful

Many Thai women simply do not like the way Thai men treat them and how they are perceived. Thoughtful, mature, caring, romantic and reliable foreigner is clearly the better option.


Very few want to have long conversations about relationships or discuss emotions. Thai brides are looking to have a fun time, and they think that they can get exactly that from foreigners.

Where to Look for Thai Brides?

There are different girls in Pattaya. The sexiest and youngest individuals come to town to earn their living. As a rule, most come from poor families and small villages where there are rumors about the possibility of making good money in Pattaya. Each girl has a specific goal. Some are looking for a foreigner for sex and money, while others are interested in finding a husband from another country. Unfortunately, for most local girls, the situation is completely different. They try find foreigners for one night, trying to milk as much money from him as possible. Obviously not all of the girls are like that in Pattaya, but when you first visit this city, it will be hard for you to determine which one feeds you sincere feelings and which one intends to empty your wallet. Many local girls make a living with the help of men, who are called sponsors. Typically, the sponsors are tourists who pay money to the girl and the bartender at a go-go bar, which allows her to temporarily stop working. Thus, the girl gets a break for the paid period and spends all her free time exclusively with a companion who lives in the same room with her, goes shopping, buys new clothes and gifts. As soon as the sponsor stops paying services or leaves back home, the girl returns to work at the bar.

If you are looking for one-night sex:

There is no need to look for girls yourself, because they will find you. Thousands of bars and clubs occupy a niche in the economy of tourism.

Girls of Thailand are ready to spend half an hour with you, and the whole night. Business is established and works like a clock to please you and help the girl make money. At the same time, everything is in high quality and pretty cheap, Thai girls are masters of their craft.

If the tropical climate leads you to a lazy mood, wander around the bars, and you will find any girl you like in a short time. Near the Beach Road, Thai girls will come running to you and offer their services.

The choice is very large – from barely adult, not yet dragged by life, to the already experienced, who know how to pleasure a man in multiple ways. The cheaper the bar, the lower the quality of service and the attractiveness of Thai girls.

You can choose any hotel to continue dating a girlfriend on the Pattaya map. Hotel price is per night.

You can just go to a pub and drink beer, choosing a girl. There you can also board games or American billiards. If you like a certain girl, then you can buy her a special a lady-drink, and if you want to go have some fun with her, then pay a compensation to the bartender, that is about 300-500 baht.

A short time with a Thai bride will cost you at least 500 baht, and over 1000 baht if you want to stay with her all night.

Pattaya also has closed bars that specialize exclusively on exotic services. You can find them on Soi 6 street. Everything is simple here – you come in, choose the girl you like, do what you gotta do, and then leave. Bar-fayn costs 300-500 baht, together with renting a room for a short period of time, and from 1000 if you want to stay there till the morning.

A great place to choose a girl in Thailand for the night is go-go bars. There you will find girls in bikinis (in Thailand it is forbidden to be completely naked, although in the bar where the owner has a paw in the police, girls dance completely naked). Usually there are at least 10-15 girls to choose from. Their price is more than in a normal bar, but they are totally worth it.

If you want to stay in the hotel, you can order girls online, and the agency will send you a top-class professional and reasonably priced room service.

Massage salons and karaoke bars also offer large selection of exotic experience. The girls sit in a special place that looks like an aquarium and catch the eyes of a potential client. Two-hour body massage followed by a continuation is something truly amazing. At the karaoke bar, you can find a girl right at the entrance, and she will serve you on a couch in the back room, or, if you like, she can spend the night with you at the hotel.

There are also disco options that you can take a look at. Mama-san leads a group of their girls to dance in search of customers. But be careful, despite the common misconception, not all Thai women dream to have sex with a foreigner.

The advantage of the disco is that local women come there, who do not have the habit of practicing the ancient profession with a dozen men every day, but don’t mind meeting with a foreigner.

Prostitutes working on the street and the beach, are cheaper than their colleagues from institutions. They stand from Hilton to Walking Street. The cost of their services is from 500 baht for a short time, and up to 1000 for a night.

Watch your wallet and other stuff you have together with you. Also, try not to have too many drinks and not to eat in suspicious places, because it might cost you dearly.

There are girls who start a relationship with several men at the same time. These girls are pretty common in Thailand. Most likely such a girl will come to you herself. She will ask you to meet her the next day and have a good time. Keep in mind that your new Thai girlfriend will act in the same way as a prostitute. But unlike a prostitute, she will act more carefully.

Such a girl will first invite you to the beach, and then to a restaurant. Your new Thai girlfriend will invite you home only after you visit a nightclub with her. Then she will disappear and appear again after a few days. Did you guess why? Because the next day, your girlfriend spends time with another gentleman.

If you are looking for long-term relationships and sincere love, then try doing the following:

To start, look around and find the girl you like. Make sure that no one comes close to her within 15-20 minutes. The girl you are interested in should be away from bars and strip clubs. She should be well-dressed, because poor girls in Thailand often work as prostitutes.

Look, if someone comes up to the girl and offers her money, but she refuses, then this means that most likely she is waiting for a friend or just walking somewhere. If at the end of your observation you realize that the girl is not a prostitute, then this is your chance.

Tell her about what you expect from your relationship with her. Mention your serious intentions. Be sure to tell that you are looking for a girlfriend or wife. It works that simply.

Then invite your Thai girl to a cafe or restaurant, but not to a club. After that continue meeting up and strengthen your relationships.

There are also some services that will help you meet a gorgeous Thai girl online: can be called conditionally free. On a free basis, you are allowed to send an email only once every 10 minutes. In principle, this is enough (if, of course, you aren’t chatting two dozen Thai brides at the same time. Due to such free of charge and the beauty of Thai brides, is extremely popular.

In fact, is not a pure Thai dating site. It is international, but he has an interesting feature. There you can see exactly where the creator of the questionnaire is located or lives on the planet. Therefore, this site is especially convenient for dating, if you are already in Thailand.

It is very convenient to meet, sending a letter to a secret girl, knowing that she lives or works close to your street. 


Another way to get acquainted with Thai on the Internet is Facebook. This is the most popular social network in Thailand, there is a lot of Thai brides there. Most of them are not from bars. Just simple honest girls that are looking for a handsome husband. However, you have to be aware that not all of them are fluent in English, so you might have some problem with the communication. 

How to Avoid the Ladyboy Surprise 

The first thing you should pay attention to is height. If the girl is above 165 cm, then it is already suspicious. Asian women are rather short, most of them are less than 150 centimeters tall.

A very prominent part of the body is the shoulders. Alas, in contrast to the lower ribs, which have long been removed surgically for a thin waist, the shoulders do not go anywhere.

Walk up closer. Look at the hands. Men have a much bigger wrist and very long fingers. Do not look at the nails, they will be great. And do not pay attention to the legs at all – the legs of the ladyboys are for the most part are more beautiful that woman’s. Although the size of the legs will give you a tip.

If you are already close enough to her/him- look for the Adam’s apple. Even though its absence still does not mean anything. It is also corrected by miracle surgeons. Take a look at the nose, because men have larger noses for the most part.

Pay attention to the breasts. If they are very small, then it’s a sign of naturalness.

And you can try to listen to the voice of the interlocutor, meanwhile trying not to be distracted by the appearance.

And most importantly. If you start communicating with representatives of this profession, do not hesitate to ask: “are you a man or a woman?”

And just ask for an identification card – in Thailand it is in place of a passport. It’s normal to ask her to present it, because you gotta make sure that she is an adult girl and you will have no problems with the local police in the future. If a girl does not have a card, she is less than 15 years old, and in that case you can easily go to jail. At the same time look what is written in the “gender” column.