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Transgender Dating

Transgender Dating: Sites, Tips, and General Information

The number of openly transgender people has grown dramatically over the course of the last two decades. The society slowly transforms and allows transgender people to feel accepted and loved. While we still have massive barriers to overcome and beating prejudices and biases will not be easy, there are already huge improvements to the quality of life of a transgender individual. One of the areas that improved drastically is transgender dating.

Finding a transgender date is way easier today than 10 years ago. We have plenty of online platforms that cater to very specific audiences. TS dating is a whole industry that allows millions of people from all across the globe to meet and build relationships. These websites do not put any pressure on their users and allow people to present themselves in ways most appropriate for them.

We will discuss multiple online platforms that allow transgender individuals to find dates and make new friends. We will also cover some important aspects of transgender dating and try to explain why you should be very tolerant and accepting of other people.

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What is transgender dating

Trans dating other trans people is what many people think when they hear about transgender dating. However, this is a very outdated way of seeing how transgender people date in the modern day and age. Despite the best efforts from the LGBTQ community, some people still cannot really understand that a transgender woman is a woman and a transgender man is a man. There are no ifs and buts. After understanding and accepting this simple truth, the concept of transgender dating becomes that much more expansive and inclusive.

Most websites where you can present as a transgender person welcome users of all possible genders and do not create any borders separating users. You will be able to find a date regardless of your gender and sexual preferences. 

Another important thing that many people do not grasp as well as they should is that transgender people should be not be objectified by those who have weird fetishes. Transgender people require the same level of care and love as any other individual and should never be used as glorified sex toys by weirdos. If you want to date a woman, you should not draw a line between a woman in a conventional sense of the word and a transgender woman. The same goes for men.

Best TS dating sites

As the acceptance and strength of the LGBTQ community increased, TS dating sites turned from small isolated communities into huge online platforms uniting millions of users worldwide. Today, we have a plethora of great online websites where you can meet transgender individuals and try to ask them out on a date. So how to meet transgender people on the internet?

In order to talk about this particular topic in detail, we decided to take a closer look at several popular transgender dating websites. Without rating any of them, we just checked whether you should try them out. Some businesses offer stellar user experience and incredible technology to improve your chances of meeting someone special. However, some companies do not deserve a second of your attention.

TG Personals

TG Personals is an incredible website that offers you an opportunity to create a detailed profile where you can specify your preferences and desires in regards to potential dates. The best part about this great example of transsexual dating sites is that you can also create advertisements and either offer services or just present yourself in the best possible format.

Obviously, you will be able to see what kind of ads and public messages are published by other users. Browsing through a massive catalog of users and their ads is quite fun and allows you to explore an ocean of options before making your decisive advance. If you are looking for a TS hookup, TG Personals may be one of the best choices for you. Be brave and be accepting.


MyTranssexualDate is a great transgender dating site. If you are looking for a TS date and want to talk with potential suitors without any hassles and problems, this is the right place to start your journey in the world of online dating. After filling out a simple form, you will receive access to your personal page. Add a couple of photos and write a bio that would attract potential dates. 

The vast majority of users here are active members of the LGBTQ community. You should come here if you are interested in dating a transsexual individual regardless of your own identification and gender. Forget about boundaries and limitations. Register and have fun! 

TS Dates

TS Dates will surprise you with the amount of users that are quite open about their sexual preferences. Dirty talks and transgender hookups happen here all the time. It does not mean that this website is for hookups and one-night stands only. If you are looking for a partner that will be by your side when you need them, this website is also a great place to search. Out of thousands of active users, at least a couple will be just what you are looking for.

TS Dates offers you a lot of interesting features including games of matching where you like individuals and wait until they like you back. There are various ways to communicate with other users including chatting, emailing, and sending files. You won’t be disappointed. is a great online platform. You will be able to start dating transwomen sitewide after filling out a simple form and creating your personal account. If dating a transgender woman is something that you are interested in, visit this website as soon as possible! may not be the biggest online platform out there, but it has the same set of features as the best online dating websites in the world.

There are thousands of people here and some of them are quite “interesting” characters. You won’t be disappointed in this website if you are interested in transvestite dating or looking for open-minded transgender singles. There are endless opportunities for incredibly memorable encounters with people who are ready for committed relationships.

TS Mingle

TS Mingle is a perfect place to find a date if you are a transgender person or someone looking to date one. The matching system allows you to start a casual conversation with a potential date, a conversation that can grow into something bigger. There is a cost to popularity on the website. You will need to pay for a premium membership in order to get more matches and messages from other users. Members receive additional privileges and can send unlimited amounts of messages and emails.

TS Mingle is a good place to look for one-night stands and even a husband if you are looking for serious partnerships. It is a great online dating experience that you won’t regret trying out. All in all, a good online platform with an expansive feature set and thousands of active users. 

TS Scene

TS Scene will introduce you to a wonderful community of open-minded people. An inclusive online dating platform that focuses on providing excellent online dating experience to all users regardless of their gender and sexuality. If you are looking for a hot date or a good friend that will stay by your side for years to come, TS Scene is a great place to start. The paid membership will grant you additional privileges and opportunities to meet someone special.

TS Scene does not have the same level of popularity and is not as crowded as many other online dating websites. However, it has multiple advantages like a simple yet intuitive interface, responsible moderators, and high-quality support and service. 

Trans Relationships Goals

A tranny dating site is a community first and a business second. What you must understand is that transgender people do not differ from other people. They identify as a certain gender and present themselves as such. There are no differences between a transgender woman and a biological woman in terms of relationship goals.

Most transgender people are honest about their biology. One of the big factors that affect the transgender dating domain is that a transgender woman won’t be able to get pregnant just as a transgender man will unlikely be able to father a child. While it is a very sensitive topic for many transgender people, we have to address it.

Despite the above, the main relationship goal for any transgender individual is to find a partner and build a long-lasting relationship, a family. 

Transsexual People Aren’t Fetish Objects

The sad truth about transgender dating is that many straight people are nothing more than sex predators that have weird fetishes. There is nothing wrong with having a certain fetish. In fact, many transgender people are also into many kinky fetishes out there. However, there are people who misplace their enthusiasm in terms of fulfilling their sexual fantasies. They simply think of transgender people as sex toys.

Nothing is and should be farther from truth. The LGBTQ community made huge strides towards making the world a better place for trans people. However, we still have a lot to work on. Tolerance, acceptance, and care are things that should be a given. Now, we must learn how to treat transgender people as dating prospects and future husbands and wives instead of looking for quick hookups.

To be fair to society, we did improve. On most dating sites catering to transgender people, meeting a bigoted pervert is an extremely rare occasion. The vast majority of users are very good people.

Transgender Dating Tips

While the society is now more accepting of transgender people than ever before, there are some important tips and details that anyone visiting TS dating sites should be aware of. We want to give you a couple of very basic tips that will greatly improve your dating experience and allow you to avoid offending a transgender person.

  • Be honest about your relationship goals. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a person whether they are transgender and explaining to them that you have very specific relationship goals (like having a child with your spouse).
  • Never “ghost” your dates. For some reason, people feel uncomfortable when learning that their date is a transgender person. Again, there is nothing wrong with not being interested in dating someone based on literally any reason. Tell them honestly that you are not ready to date a transgender person if you are not.
  • Never bring up the “trans nature” of your date. For some weird reason, straight heteronormative people feel obliged to inform everyone around that they are dating a transgender person. Well, it is actually quite rude and won’t be a good experience for your date. Again, the vast majority of transgender people do not want to be singled out and put in the spotlight.
  • Be yourself. There is nothing wrong with trying to be yourself in a relationship. Do not be afraid to talk about any topic and allow your date to know you better. 


Transgender dating sites are quite popular amongst all people who want to find a good friend or a long term relationship. Most people on Earth are not really drawn towards sex or straight relationship. The real goal for most is finding a soulmate and a partner that you can rely on in tough times.

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