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Ukrainian Brides

Ukrainian Women Characteristics

Ukrainian brides are beautiful, economic, charming, sincere and deceitful, frivolous and faithful, accessible and impregnable, often clever, sometimes greedy and envious, often mercantile, but prefer to hide this characteristic from potential husbands. They really care about how they look. Many of them know how to cook and remember that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Ukrainian women for marriage are always constantly searching for love. Because there are so many pretty girls, the competition among females is very serious. The girls are very different, but on the average they have brown eyes, rarely green, beautifully defined lips, straight nose, long brown hair.

They have sable eyebrows, long eyelashes, often have a dimple on the cheek. The majority of them keep their body shape and look after themselves, especially before marriage. All in all, it is impossible not to like hot Ukrainian women.

The majority of them believes that the most important thing in life is to get married successfully, and to keep what was mined at any cost. Increasingly, they do tattoos, nose piercings.

How do mail order brides services work?

Why Americans Love Ukrainian Women

  1. Ukrainian mail order bride takes their beauty very seriously. Of course, they are lucky with the genes, but they spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics. They will never leave the house until they clean up. They learn to look after themselves from an early age, although, in truth, their beauty is natural;
  2. Family is what matters the most to Ukrainian woman. Despite the fact that girls in Ukraine study, work and build their own career, their husband and children are always in priority;
  3. Ukrainian girls love everything that has to do with romance. They love to be given flowers. They adore little gifts, but may refuse an expensive offering, because they do not like to feel obliged;
  4. Most Ukrainian girls have a magnificent figure: pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped body. Young girls take care of themselves: regularly exercise to keep fit. They, as a rule, neglect fast food and walk a lot;
  5. Ukrainian brides dress beautifully. Even in winter, they wear miniskirts, heels, and stockings. They even dress up for the usual dinner or when you go to the movies. Many of them go to work like American women go to parties;
  6. In Ukraine, most girls marry before they turn 30 years old. But, despite the marriage, they continue to receive education and work;
  7. Most Ukrainian women are great at cooking, and they learn this from childhood. They also do not trust others to do housework. That is why they are ideal housewives;
  8. Ukrainian women are very smart. They are good at a number of things, plus they act and live independently. They study, get a job and work hard to fully support themselves.
  9. Ukrainian families are very strong and close-knit. If you manage to win the trust of the girl’s family, they will accept you as their own.
  10. Ukrainian girls are very faithful, and if they fall in love, it’s going to last for a long time. They will try to maintain relationships just to avoid divorce at all costs.

Differences Between Ukrainian and American Women


Casual wear of an average American woman can be called more practical than fashionable. American girls rarely dress up to meet with friends or go shopping.

At the mall, American women are more likely to wear comfortable, simple clothes and shod in sneakers. Ukrainian girls on the contrary love to dress up.

American women are simpler to clothes, calmer to brands, although it cannot be said that they do not like branded things. They just don’t have such a massive fanaticism. Many Ukrainian girls praise brands, creating a whole cult.


You will rarely meet an American girl in heels. They prefer comfortable shoes. They do have heels, but don’t use them as much.

Ukrainian girls in heels manage to almost conquer the world – both on business, at work, and when walking with friends. They love heels very much.


Ukrainian girls not only attend the manicure masters, but also do the manicure at home. Moreover, it is not only about a simple “make-up nails”, but it’s a full-fledged manicure, and even with a gel polish. They are not afraid of difficulties, because they love beautiful nails.

American women don’t really bother about it. They don’t have that many self-educated people, because they are not so keen on manicure.

As for nail design, it is the same story. Many Ukrainian girls love complex designs, they constantly try something new. It’s a lot simpler for Americans- more often it’s some kind of uniform coating, or no manicure at all.


American women are also more comfortable with makeup, they can afford not only to go to the nearest store without a drop of cosmetics, but it’s also absolutely normal to not wear any makeup at work and on business. If they do have a makeup on, however, it’s usually just a slight amount.

In Ukraine, girls love to be painted and do not deny themselves this pleasure. Even at 7 am you can see a girl with perfect arrows and cherry lips in a subway car.


Only Ukrainian girls can get up 2 hours earlier in order to have time to make up, as well as wash up and take care of her hair.

American girls pay a lot less attention to hair styling and prefer medium loose hair without any styling.

Ukrainian girls are known for their long hair. They waste a lot of time and money to look stylish.

Attitude Towards Marriage

Ukrainian women are known for their emotionality, and the ability to put feelings above logic.

Most American girls finish college first, then get a job, make a career, and only then begin to think about marriage and children. Often, by that time, she is around 40 years of age.

It cannot be said that Ukrainian girls look for marriage at the first opportunity at the very tender age, and that they are absolutely indifferent to their careers.  But, having met their love, some Ukrainian girls quit work or university to get married and have a baby. Or combine motherhood with study or work.

Are the Mail Order Bride Sites Legitimate?

Yes, and there are plenty of them. They help people to build families and find relationships.

Why do Ukrainian Women Prefer Foreigners?

Expression of Love

Foreigners really know how to love and most importantly do not hesitate to show it and talk about it, everywhere, with friends, acquaintances, and even with relatives. They are very romantic.


Most foreigners look younger than their age and choose stylish clothing. They also love sports activities, yoga and other things.


A lot of Ukrainian girls want to live in Europe or USA. Partly that is because of money.

How to Meet a Ukrainian Girlfriend?

It would seem that with the visible abundance of all sorts of online dating applications, social networks, Ukraine dating sites there should not be a question of how to meet a Ukrainian girl for serious relationships and marriage. However, there are still some nuances that are worth mentioning.

Online Dating in Ukraine

The effectiveness of dating for serious relationships and creating a family on the Internet is not as high as it may seem at first glance. Most online applications are focused on banal dates, so when you meet up you may be quite disappointed: a girl may not look like her on the profile photo, and personal communication will prove that in correspondence she seemed much more interesting than it turned out in reality. It is always worth considering that might be looking for true love, while the girl just wants to use you for your money.

Meet on the Street

If you are a self-confident and easy-to-communicate person, then, most likely, you will easily get to know a Ukrainian woman on the street, in a cafe or in a park. Ukrainian wives are friendly and responsive. However, you should also know that the majority of Ukrainian women do not know English or speak it rather weakly, so be prepared for difficulties in communication. Besides, if you are lucky enough to find an attractive, lonely girl who speaks English, you still need some time to get to know her better.

Party Dating

This is a new and effective format for dating Ukrainian brides. A lot of lonely girls come to such parties, and they are looking for serious relationships, so you can be sure that you have the same goals for dating. When the brides agency announces that there are only foreign men at the party, you can be sure that most of the girls will come to the party with the knowledge of English. As a rule, about 50 men and 50 girls come to such parties, and to get to the event you need to register before your arrival and pay the entrance ticket. The dating parties in Kiev are organized by just a few marriage agencies, and the Prestige Dating Club organizes dating parties for a slightly different, more comfortable format for men.

Dating Agencies

Perhaps the most comfortable and productive to find a Ukrainian bride. It is most suitable for successful and busy people who do not have too much time, but they know exactly what they want. Your personal manager will select the ideal Ukrainian candidates in accordance with your preferences, lifestyle, values, interests, and will organizes meetings with girls you like. During the interview, the manager will ask you a series of personal questions that will help to get to know you better and understand which particular girl is right for you. Actually, this is the main advantage of a personal dating service – you do not spend a lot of your time looking for the perfect girl, all the candidates that you are introduced to fully meet your requirements and wishes. You just have to meet and choose a girl.

Dating Tours to Ukraine

It keeps getting more and more popular among foreign men. After all, this is not only a way to find a future wife, but also a great opportunity to see Kiev and other Ukrainian cities in all its beauty, as well as get acquainted with Ukrainian traditions. Such tours usually last for 3-4 days. Every day a tour participant attends a dating party and goes on individual dates. So during the tour you can meet a lot of Ukrainian brides and make the final choice. And, importantly, the pre-selection of girls takes place according to the parameters you set, so you will meet girls at parties that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

The Third Date Rule

This rule helps to build relationships and possibly start living together.

The model itself consists of three consecutive steps, which each time increase the force of attraction of partners, give rise to excitement, dot the i’s and cross the t’s:

  1. The first meeting means getting to know each other. This is the time to build a conversational practice that helps to understand who is who. The process can take a long time and stretch out on several dates. The first or even the second date with a girl does not mean that you have 2-3 hours of time, which you must enjoy.
  2. Scientists have proven that love at first sight exists, and 3-7 seconds is enough to fall in love with a partner. At the same time, a person feels dispelled distrust and opens from the other side. Then you begin to get acquainted with a person – you learn each other’s hobbies, compare your habits and principles, material and spiritual values.
  3. The third meeting seems to be fateful, since it is after her that most often occurs sexual contact.

How Effective is the Theory?

It is believed that by following this step-by-step instruction, a man in most cases will achieve his goal. However, recent studies have shown that 3 days might not be enough to get an average girl in bed. It will most likely take up to five dates.

Women also like to check the attitude of a man before agreeing to a second or third date.

This is another psychological trick with which the couple’s feelings are checked.

It is believed that after the first meeting lovers should spend three days apart. If they miss each other, then this couple will have a wonderful relationship.

But if young people have a great time and have no interest for each other, they are not a match.


If you expect to fly to Ukraine from a different country just to have sex with a girl the same day, then think again. Most of the Ukrainian girls are open-hearted, and they are looking for true-love, so they are a great choice to build long-terms relationships.

Still Looking for Love?

There are plenty of dating websites that will help you achieve your goal. Here is a list of some of the most popular and reputable services:

  • Zoosk;
  • EliteSingles;
  • SilverSingles;
  • eHarmony;
  • RSVP;
  • NaughtyDate.